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Welcome to the Stone Age!
- Buggy activating its EMP coils(src)

Noting the advantages and disadvantages of EMP cannons and Mobile EMPs during the Second Tiberium War and Firestorm Crisis, Nod began investigating ways to make the technology more effective.


Noting that mobile EMPs were largely helpless against infantry, Nod began equipping its Raiders, already capable against infantry, with miniaturized EMP devices. When activated, every vehicle or structure within the vicinity of the raider would be incapacitated. With the coils, a single raider could render entire tank columns inoperative; multiple raiders could increase the effect.

This came at a price, however. Though less expensive than other Nod technologies, such as Spitfire laser capacitors, the coils were still cost prohibitive enough to keep them from being standard issue on raiders. However, once purchased, all Raiders that the commander had or would build in the future would be equipped with the coils, making it more cost effective than mobile EMPs.

Unfortunately, the EMP did not discriminate between friend and foe, and Nod vehicles caught in the pulse's radius would also be helpless. Also, the raiders themselves were not immune. However, this was deemed an acceptable trade off, in the light of the capability to temporarily halt enemy progress or cripple a convoy and destroy it quickly.


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