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EMP Control Centers were tech battle stations located in Yellow and some Blue zone cities in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath. They were designed to launch EMP attacks, shutting down structures and vehicles alike. They are easily distinguishable by their four cylindrical towers extending into the sky.

The EMP support power has an initial three minute recharge before a commander can use the EMP for the first time once captured.


These structures were constructed as the first lines of defence against Nod aggression. In theory, a volunteer crew would race to the EMP Control Center as the first wave of attackers is seen and fire the EMP immobilizing them, giving time for civilians to evacuate and any military forces in the area to quickly respond. In practice, the system never worked, as Nod became dormant and the volunteers eventually lost their fervor.

As of 2047, these structures are still in operational shape, but are abandoned and will serve anyone willing to take control of them.

Game Structure[]

Only found on specific maps, and usually in small quantities and in contested zones, these structures were both highly useful and highly dangerous when used correctly. While they dealt absolutely no damage to enemies caught within the target zone (even to enemies under a 95% handicap, despite how other supposedly damage-less units like cloned Nod units deal minor damage under those circumstances), they will disable any vehicle or structure caught within the blast radius. Any aircraft unlucky enough to be in the area will immediately have their engines disabled and subsequently be destroyed. This often allows commanders to paralyze tightly-packed enemy armor or enemy structures, potentially offering the upper hand.

Capturing multiple EMP Control Centers does not have any further effect.

AI Behavior[]

Computer enemies will actively attempt to capture EMP control centers, whether they are neutral or enemy in allegiance, and will target enemy power plants with it.


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