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Eastern Europe is located in Europe, just east of Germany and France, while to the east is the Soviet Union/Russia. Countries situated here is Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, FR Yugoslavia (from 1992 to 2003; later divided to Serbia and Montenegro) Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Greece.

Tiberium Universe[]

Nod had occupied Eastern Europe for a war against GDI. The final mission in Tiberian Dawn for the Global Defense Initiative took place in Sarajevo. The Second Tiberium War ravaged all over Bosnia and Greece in campaigns for both GDI and Nod. The next war destroyed Temple Prime and caused a Liquid Tiberium Bomb to explode inside, killing Kane and thousands of citizens there as William Frank interviews about the disaster from his news room in America. Before the Third Tiberium War, half of a Red Zone and Yellow Zone had taken half of this region.

Red Alert Universe[]

They are researching some heavy stuff here!
- Gregor to the Commander and Cherdenko inside the Kremlin before an assassination attempt on the Premier

Eastern Europe was invaded by Stalin's forces under Gradenko after bashing up Asia for more land. The European Allies were in retreat, managing to get Einstein and Stavros out of the European mainland's onslaught. Khalkis Island was one of the missions held in Greece. Romanov declared support for countries like Hungary and Romania to join a World Socialist Alliance. Two missions were held here and they were Operation: Dark Night (Poland) and Head Games in Romania. Invaded again under Soviet forces, Cherdenko immediately taken a research laboratory in Greece from the Allies as FutureTech was destroyed in Romania during The Uprising.

Generals Universe[]

We have liberated this Palace...Jarmen Kell is at your service.
- Kanwar Khan introducing Jarmen Kell to the GLA Commander.

Only one mission took place in Eastern Europe and it was at Crete, a little island off the coast of Greece. The Global Liberation Army captured a Particle Cannon on this island as the Commander gained Jarmen Kell, the Palace and Barracks. Hijacking the Tomahawk, it destroyed four Crusader Tanks and two Fire Bases as Rebels captured the Cold Fusion Reactors. GLA forces liberated an Arms Dealer plus an Ambulance by a Hijacker as the Particle Cannon destroyed Patriot Missile turrets and garrisoned bunkers. Destroying the tanks, infantry and defenses, the GLA base was liberated.

With two Maruader Tanks and after a US military complex was destroyed, a GLA taskforce controlled the district as of destroying Supply Drop Zones and collecting an Overlord. Mobsters targeted the US base and destroyed the USS Reagan using the Particle Cannon.

There is the Aircraft Carrier. Destroy it using the Particle Cannon.
- Kanwar Khan