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EAsy Studios
EAsy Studios Logo.png
Industry Video game developer
Locations Stockholm, Sweden
Parent DICE

EAsy Studios was a video game development company that started out as a division of DICE, but was separated in 2008 to focus on Electronic Arts' "Play4Free" games. They took over the development of Battlefield Heroes after their foundation. They also created Battlefield Play4Free, as well as co-developed Lord of Ultima and Battleforge. In 2013, they took over the development and maintenance of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances after the closure of Electronic Arts Phenomic.

Both of EAsy Studios' Battlefield titles were closed on 14 July 2015, around which time Envision Entertainment relieved them in the position of Tiberium Alliances development. The company's website started redirecting to the website of DICE, hinting either at a closure or a re-merge with DICE.

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