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Type Research
Affiliation GDI

Echo was the code name of a top secret Global Defense Initiative group that was formed after the Firestorm Crisis and were charged with the study of the advanced weaponry used by the Brotherhood of Nod.


After the Second Tiberium War and the defeat of the rogue AI CABAL, Echo was successful in the capture of one of the feared Obelisk of Darkness. It remained in the group's possession until 2072, when Nod agent Henry Liu discovered an Echo storage facility with the Obelisk present. This led to the Brotherhood staging a raid against the facility located in Central Africa to recover the forty year old artifact. Ultimately, the covert assault led by the White Lady was successful and Nod studied the functional Obelisk of Darkness. GDI was led to believe that the attack was conducted by Nod Separatists.

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