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Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

For these games I do not have time.
- Cutting Edge

Egon "Cutting Edge" Schuller is an EU general who was to appear in the cancelled Command & Conquer. Given the European Union's military doctrine of using high-tech weaponry, he is a key leader and scientist of its Experimental Weapons division. Furthermore the atomic symbol on his insignia may imply he succeeds the US generals "Pinpoint" Townes and Alexis Alexander in terms of their usage of high-tech weaponry.


Born to middle-class parents in the Zurich suburbs, young Egon Schuller soon proved himself to be anything but ordinary. A certified genius at the age of 3, by his 16th birthday Schuller had a PhD in Quantum Electronics and a life in sheltered academia as his future. This all changed when the first GLA uprising burned its way across Europe, leaving Schuller's chosen University in ruins. Incensed at what he saw, Schuller joined the resistance and, in the aftermath, chose to remain in the military as an experimental weapons specialist. The European Union High Command soon noted that the temperamental scientist did not work well with others, but placed him in command of a carefully chosen task force, charged with the deployment of experimental weapons across the globe. Schuller is not an easy man to like but his troops remain fantastically loyal, and are more than happy to serve under the EU's own "mad scientist."



Base defenses[]

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  • His moniker is a reference to the term "cutting edge technology", which means the latest and most advanced technology to date. Also, "Egon" refers to the edge of a sword in Old German.
  • Cutting Edge's eyepiece resembles a monocle.


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