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Tesla disrupters

Tesla Trooper disabling an Allied MCV, while Flak Troopers finish it off.

Dampeners active!
- Tesla Trooper, while using disrupters
RA3 Electro Magnetic Disruptors Icons

Electro Magnetic Disrupters are a special addition to Tesla Trooper's armament in Red Alert 3. It allows the trooper to leak out energy from within the suit, creating an EM field that disrupts the internal electronics of all enemy vehicles that got in the vicinity. The strategic use of the trooper changes to more supportive and defensive, rather than offensive use of tesla weaponary.

Though the tesla trooper emits out what seems to look like lightning circles, it is harmless to infantry.


The EM-disruptors work by tesla trooper transmitting the energy from its tesla weapon, directly to the suit, giving off huge electricity masses. Those waves conduct with the enemy's vehicles and disrupt all operators' functions and abilities, leaving it as a free target for takedown. That way MCVs or  Apocalypse tanks should think twice before trying to run over the all prepared electric soldier.

The most advantage Tesla Troopers take with this ability is that they generate a circular space around, disabling as many vehicles as could possibly fit in. Such close combat ground units, as Steel Ronins or Grinders could safely approach the tesla men alone only under the Iron Curtain effect.

Although being an impervious wall to most vehicles in the way, the Tesla Trooper gives a fair deal by trading its mobility too. I.e it cannot do anything more than produce more energy to maintain the field. As the process simply sucks out all the power, disabling the movement for tesla suit. Therefore, anti-infantry vehicles, artillery, aircraft, commandos and secret protocols are a simple answer for the static target.


  • When Tesla Troopers are killed with their disrupters on, they can sometimes still remain on the ground for a few seconds (the EM effect will be off though), instead of sinking into the ground.
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