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For the main studio referred to as Westwood, see Westwood Studios.

Electronic Arts Pacific was a video game development company founded before 1996 as Burst, a subsidiary of Virgin Interactive Entertainment. It released the SEGA Saturn and PlayStation releases of Spot Goes to Hollywood, as well as Toonstruck, and Grand Slam.

Burst logo used between 1996 and 1998

On 17 August 1998, the company was bought out by Electronic Arts alongside Westwood Studios for $122.5 million, and was subsequently renamed to Westwood Pacific with Mark Skaggs appointed as its vice-president. Its previous vice-presidents, Neil Young and Christopher Yates, moved to other projects within Electronic Arts. The studio released Golden Nugget 64 in December 1998, and Nox in February 2000, and in late 1999, Westwood Studios co-founder Brett Sperry pitched the idea of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 to them instead of the main Westwood studio in Las Vegas, while the latter was only assigned with creating art, audio and FMV assets. The game was released in October 2000 and received an expansion pack, Yuri's Revenge, in October 2001.

At some point in 2002, the studio was renamed to Electronic Arts Pacific. The studio's first and only game to be released under that name was Command & Conquer: Generals in February 2003, after which the staff was moved alongside Electronic Arts Los Angeles and willing staff of the now-closed Westwood Studios to the newly-built compound in Los Angeles. The Electronic Arts Pacific name was no longer used, and its team was known only as the RTS team within Electronic Arts Los Angeles.

At some point, a game called Freak Boy was being developed, but was eventually cancelled.

Released games

As Burst

  • Spot Goes To Hollywood (1996) (PlayStation and SEGA Saturn versions)
  • SubSpace (1996)
  • Toonstruck (1996)
  • Grand Slam (1997)

As Westwood/EA Pacific

Cancelled games

  • Freak Boy

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