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Welcome back, commander.

The Electronic Video Agent (EVA), also known as Electronic Video Assistant[1] in Renegade, is a type of artificial intelligence that serves as the battle interface for GDI and Nod commanders.


Establishing battlefield control, standby.

EVA units are responsible for supplying field commanders with vital intelligence, as well as organizing all communications and briefings.[2] They are able to communicate with their users using voice synthesizers, and can accept voice commands.

During battles, EVA units serve as the link between commanders and forces in the field. They act as the command interface for troops and bases, provide radar information, update the commander with mission objectives, and warn the commander.

Individual EVA units are usually located in bases, outposts, and mobile command centers; these units are directly connected to major command centers, such as the GDSS Philadelphia and Southern Cross. A portable, wrist-mounted version of EVA was used by members of the GDI special forces. In addition to receiving mission objectives, this model also has a radar and map function.[3]


First Tiberium War[]

Don't look so surprised, commander. And don't look around for your EVA, it can't help you now.
- Kane

During the First Tiberium War, EVA battle interface was used by both GDI and Nod, though it was unclear which side had invented it first.

Ren Havoc EVA

Havoc's EVA unit

After the Białystok scandal, the United Nations cut funding to GDI. As a result, the security access of GDI's EVA units was revoked, disconnecting them from GDI command and forcing them to engage tactical isolation procedures. In this state, they continued to update GDI commanders with what little intelligence can be gained from public news programs and facilitated communications with regional GDI forces.

During this time, Kane somehow hacked the EVA of Commander James Solomon and taunted him, revealing that the scandal was the result of his media manipulation.

Eventually, UN funding was restored, and so was the EVA units' connection to GDI Command.

During the war, GDI commandos, such as Nick "Havoc" Parker, were equipped with wrist-mounted EVA units. These units had a radar function, a bio monitor that provided readouts on the user’s health, a weapon status display, and a targeting system. Similar to the version used by commanders, they were able to receive mission objectives in real time. They also had a data links function, which kept track of various information such as persons of interest and weapons profiles.

During captain Havoc's mission on the Nod freighter, the ship's EVA unit berated the commando and told him to surrender.[4]

Second Tiberium War[]

Although not as sophisticated an AI as CABAL, we can be certain it won't try to kill us.
- Anton Slavik, on a GDI EVA unit

By the Second Tiberium War, GDI's artificial intelligence technology had advanced significantly. EVA units were now able to perform complex strategic assessments and combat scenario predictions. EVA units worldwide were now linked to GDI's global command center, the space station Philadelphia.[5] Every major GDI base was equipped with its own EVA unit, which proved to be a security risk when Nod raided a GDI airbase and stole its EVA unit, which was later reprogrammed for their use.[6]

When deploying forces, EVA would begin by analyzing combat zone topography, then compiling wartime conventions, gathering intel on involved factions, creating theories on likely enemy plan with, then performing a secondary check of combat zone before actually deploying forces to combat zone. Last, it would perform a final analysis of outcome.

The Brotherhood, on the other hand, phased out EVA units entirely in favor of a new artificial intelligence named CABAL. Technologically, CABAL was far more advanced than EVA, and even had a personality of its own. However, after Kane's apparent death at the hands of Michael McNeil, CABAL turned on the Brotherhood and threatened to wipe out all of humanity with an army of cyborgs, forcing GDI and Nod to temporarily work together to destroy the rogue AI. After CABAL's betrayal, the Brotherhood used the aforementioned stolen EVA for coordination and communications.

Third Tiberium War[]

Philadelphia uplink successful. Welcome back, commander. Today's threat level is Low.

After the Firestorm Conflict, GDI's EVA changed very little. Meanwhile, Nod once again began using EVA units, though the new Nod EVA used a masculine voice synthesizer, as opposed to the feminine voice synthesizer used by GDI's EVA.

Scrin Foremen were assisted by a type of similar AI. The Alien AI, similar to CABAL, had a will of its own, and was capable of questioning and even outright rejecting order given by its superior in order to protect its Foreman.

Fourth Tiberium War[]

Deployment successful, commander. Standing by for your next order.

During the Fourth Tiberium War, GDI and Nod both used a new model of EVA known as Advanced Electronic Video Agent. Each Crawler was equipped with its own EVA unit, which was activated when a Crawler was deployed and deactivated when a Crawler was decommissioned. When a Crawler was taking heavy damage, the EVA would malfunction and begin emitting a garbled voice.


In-game the EVA has vocal warnings to the commander such as:

  • Unit lost - When a player's unit has been eliminated.
  • Our base is under attack - When a player's structure is under attack.
  • Building captured - When a structure has been captured.
  • Our building is being captured - When a player's structure is about to be captured.
  • Our ally is under attack - Since Tiberian Sun, when the player's teammate structure is under attack.
  • Unit under attack - Since Tiberium Wars, when a player's unit is under attack.
  • Building - When a player starts building a structure or units.
  • Vehicle stolen - When a player's vehicle unit has been stolen.
  • Construction complete - When a structure is complete and ready to be placed.
  • New construction options - When there are new building options in the sidebar as a result of moving up a tech level.
  • Cannot deploy here - When a structure is unable to be placed because of an obstruction or terrain.
  • Unit ready - When a unit has been deployed from a production structure.
  • Insufficient funds - When a player is low on Credits.
  • Structure sold - When a player sells a structure.
  • On hold - When a player pauses building.
  • Canceled - When a player cancels building or reduces the number of units in the build queue.


  • Though EVA was not mentioned in Red Alert games, the in-game announcer of Red Alert 1 is credited as "E.V.A." in the manual.


Command & Conquer (1995) installation, showcasing an EVA setup
Tiberian Sun intro, showcasing an EVA update from the previous version
Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection intro, showcasing an EVA upgrade from the original Command & Conquer.


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