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Elias Caruso is a character in Tiberian Twilight.


A respected private developer, he was best known as a major participant in the abortive post-TW3 restoration effort, as the architect of New Eden. When he saw his model city of New Eden consumed by Tiberium in the wake of the Scrin attack, he realized that his life mission is making Earth habitable again, without Tiberium. His single-minded pursuit of the eradication of the alien crystal was what convinced the council to hire him as the head of the Idris Corporation.[1]

While the public was initially skeptical about this choice, he quickly won them over with a series of bold decisions, including the hiring of Dr Johann Pascal, a controversial teenage prodigy, as a key advisor.

Under his guidance, Idris repeatedly mediated any disputes that erupted between GDI and Nod,[2] in addition to weathering attacks from Nod Separatists, allowing the construction effort to proceed in an efficient, orderly manner. Thanks to this perseverance, by 2064 the CEO gained significant popularity with the government and the populace (apart from being the employer of a large percentage of citizens).[1]

When the first phase of the TCN neared completion, leaving large areas free from it, but inhabitable, Caruso expanded Idris' agenda, to include terraforming (stated to be "environmental re-imagination"). The TCN's ability to manipulate vast swathes of the Earth's surface was instrumental in allowing the corporation to replace the devastated landscape with a variety of designer natural environments, idealized takes on pre-Tiberium Earth. This move was decried by Idris' critics as "eerily clinical" design aesthetic (due to emphasis on spatially organized, heavily art-directed spaces) and environmental groups for simply pasting over the devastated landscape. However, the end result was welcomed with joy by the citizens of the world.[1]

Unfortunately, Caruso, already suffering after a series of strokes in the early 2070s, did not live to witness this adulation, as he died from a brain aneurysm in 2074. He was succeeded by former Central Operations Officer Evelyn Rios, with Johann Pascal as the conservator of Caruso's ideals.


Elias Caruso is mentioned in the Tiberian Twilight developer diaries.


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