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The Elite cadre are powerful Brotherhood of Nod infantry units that replaced the cyborgs at the end of the Firestorm Crisis.


They are members of the Black Hand who, due to their value and small numbers, were usually stationed as guards or commanders in facilities behind Brotherhood of Nod lines. The Elite Cadre wear similar body armour to Nod's light infantry, except that the weapon they use is far more powerful than that of standard light infantry, and similar to that used by the cyborgs. Elite Cadre armour is also heavier than that of the standard light infantry. Therefore, they filled in the role of heavy assault troopers in Anton Slavik's Black Hand forces.


In preparation for its attack on CABAL's core, Nod realized that it needed a unit to replace the cyborg, as they were under CABAL's control after he had risen up against them. To counter this, Anton Slavik mobilized Nod's last line of defense against CABAL: his detachments of elite Black Hand infantry.

The Elite Cadre became the infamous Black Hand troopers and Shadow Teams by the Third Tiberium War.

In-game unit

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Unfortunately, they are still no match for a cyborg. In particular, they were unable to match the cyborg's considerably heavier armour, and cannot heal in Tiberium. As the Brotherhood does not train combat medics like GDI to heal its forces on the frontline, this is a significant drawback.

As an advantage, they are somewhat cheaper to train and recruit than hi-tech cyborgs, at less than half the price. They are also immune to the immobilizing effect that EMP has on Cyborgs.



  • Effective against infantry and light vehicles
  • Highly armored than most infantry
  • Reasonable cheap ($350)


  • Slow moving
  • Ineffective against heavy vehicles and buildings
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Loses against a cyborg in one-on-one matches.
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