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Elite Cadre
Elite cadre.png
Internal name SLAV
Affiliation TS Nod logo transparent.png Nod
Role Heavy assault infantry
Armament Heavy pulse rifle
Protection Advanced combat armour
Hit points 175
Armor type Light
Cost $300
Produced by Hand of Nod
Ground attack 10 (x3) (SA)
Cooldown 30
Speed 4
Attack range 4
Sight range 4
Campaign only

The elite cadre are a type of advanced Nod infantry appearing in Firestorm.


Very little is known about the elite cadre, other than that they were elite soldiers of the Brotherhood of Nod and were better armed and equipped than the standard Light infantry. Since CABAL took control of all of Nod's cyborgs after its betrayal, these soldiers were deployed to fill the gap of advanced infantry during the final assault on CABAL's true core.

In-game unit

Unfortunately, they are still no match for a cyborg. In particular, they were unable to match the cyborg's considerably heavier armour, and cannot heal in Tiberium. As the Brotherhood does not train combat medics like GDI to heal its forces on the frontline, this is a significant drawback.

As an advantage, they are somewhat cheaper to train and recruit than hi-tech cyborgs, at less than half the price.

The elite cadre is one of multiple units reusing Anton Slavik's in-game sprite.


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