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Nod must acquire new Lands!
- Emissary

The Emissary is a Nod support vehicle in Tiberium Wars.


An unarmed six-wheeled ATV, the Emissary is an essential vehicle, allowing the Brotherhood to establish outposts in remote locations. It is a self-contained command center that confers ground control upon deployment.


Call for transport
Deploy This ability orders the Emissary to unpack into an Outpost. It can only be issued on flat terrain and once given, cannot be revoked. Emissary deployment is permanent (Ctrl+S).
Call for transport
Call for transport If an Air Tower is deployed, Emissary can call in a Carryall transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2:00 cooldown (Ctrl+A).

Game unit[]

Like the GDI Surveyor and the Scrin Explorer, the Emissary is essential for setting up resourcing operations at remote Tiberium fields.

It is slow and unarmed, but can be carried around by a VTOL.

In additional, and with exception of the Black Hand subfaction of Nod, it has an edge over the Surveyor and Explorer by becoming permanently stealthed by a Cloaking Field from an Operations Center. The stealth persists while as a vehicle, but is removed after it starts unpacking into an outpost.



When created[]

  • Nod must acquire new lands!

When selected[]

  • We will take what is ours!
  • Nod's plan must be sewn!
  • Our path awaits!
  • Time grows short!
  • The Brotherhood must expand!
  • We shall take what we wish!
  • Let us begin!
  • I am the emissary of Kane!

When moving[]

  • This land belongs to Nod!
  • Our influence spreads!
  • Nod will not be confined!
  • Let's see...
  • Our fate lies ahead!
  • Let's move forward!
  • Of course...
  • The Brotherhood shall not be denied!
  • As you wish...

When retreating[]

  • A safer path!
  • Nod will protect us!
  • I will have no part of this violence!
  • Leave the fighting to them!



Join the cause of Nod! Brotherhood of Nod Third Tiberium War Arsenal Ascend!