Emperor: Battle for Dune

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Emperor: Battle for Dune
Developer Intelligent Games
Westwood Studios
Publisher Electronic Arts
Designer(s) Jamie Ferguson
Neil Marsden
Gregory Mathews
Series Dune Universe
Latest version 1.09
Release date June 12, 2001
Genre Real-time strategy
Modes Singleplayer, multiplayer
Ratings T (ESRB)
Platforms Microsoft Windows

Emperor: Battle for Dune is a real-time strategy video game, released by Westwood Studios on June 12, 2001. The game is based in Frank Herbert's science fiction Dune Universe. It is the third real-time strategy game set in the Dune universe, following its predecessors, Dune II and Dune 2000. Emperor is a direct sequel to both of the previous games. In particular, it is a sequel to Dune 2000, carrying on from where it left off, with several of the characters and actors returning. Like Dune 2000 and many of the other Westwood games that came before it, Emperor features cut scenes filmed with live actors.


Emperor is set shortly after Dune 2000, in the year 10190[1]. Emperor Corrino has been killed by his concubine, Lady Elara, and the Landsraad has been thrown into chaos.

The Spacing Guild has presented the three remaining Houses (the same as those in the previous games: House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Ordos) with a unique challenge: a war of assassins on the planet Arrakis. Whichever House wins the war will become the new leader of the Landsraad, and its leader the new Padishah Emperor, Emperor of the Known Universe.



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