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The emplacement is a Nod light stationary defense in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


In order to facilitate defense in locations where stationary defense structures would be unwieldy or inefficient, Nod developed a series of emplacements that would provide heavy firepower in a small, compact package. The design itself was quite simple and easy to manufacture, a canopy with integrated targeting systems mounted on a flexible axis allowing it to rotate 360 degrees and a light automatic cannon mounted onto the right side of the chassis which can move in over 90 degrees of the vertical firing arc, thus allowing the emplacement gunner to fire in almost every direction.

The entire system was designed to be airdropped by aircraft into Nod positions, although its light armor made it vulnerable to heavy infantry.


In the Renegade campaign, emplacements appear in later missions, often entrench in place of the player's path. When engaging an emplacement, be sure to stay on the move and use anti-armor or explosive weaponry to take it out.

Emplacements appear in several multiplayer maps, such as Glacier, where they can be manned by a player.

Cannon emplacement

Moderately armored and packing heavy firepower, the cannon emplacement is the bane of vehicles. Avoid unnecessary exposure when dealing with these targets.

Gun emplacement

Though the gun emplacement lacks the firepower of its cannon counterpart, it is very dangerous against foot soldiers. The emplacement tracks targets well and can take moderate punishment.

Rocket emplacement

Specifically designed to eliminate heavy targets, the rocket emplacement is an excellent defensive weapon for bases and other facilities. If at all possible, approach and engagement these emplacements from the rear.

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