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Endgame is the main goal of Tiberium Alliances, to achieve alliance dominance over the world. This goal will be undergone by three phases. This feature was announced on August 1, 2012.


The Forgotten have managed to steal the Tacitus from the GDI’s headquarter and hide it in their unknown giant pyramid in the center of the world – the land of the Forgotten. Rumors are that the power of the Tacitus enables an alliance to improve their military technologies to a level of pure domination over the world. Nod and GDI are required to unite their firepower and get the Tacitus back in order to stop the Forgotten.

The goal is to conquer and hold at least four of seven strategic positions as an alliance to deactivate the safety shield of the Forgotten pyramid. This is going to be a large base that has to be defeated to get access into the tower and obtain the Tacitus. The endgame compromises 3 phases to win the world.[1]


First Phase[]

The first phase starts as soon as the first player reaches the level 38 base radius of the world. From now on, server farms will spawn at random positions within the radius. Satellite tracking will briefly uncover the positions of the farms. They contain code fragments that are needed to be downloaded at the seven well-defended network Control Hubs.

Second Phase[]

Once this intelligence is secured, an alliance is required to capture these Control Hubs. Every Control Hub is surrounded by eight strong bases that must be defeated and occupied by a player. An alliance that controls 4 of 7 Control Hubs, initiates a countdown of 10 days.

Third Phase[]

At its conclusion of the countdown, the fortress that guards the Tacitus will be revealed – the strongest base of the game is now attackable. The key to success is to get as many members as possible simultaneously online who activate their Control Hubs to weaken the base. Once it is defeated, the alliance is able to claim the Tacitus and wins the world by pure domination.



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