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In all appearences, Engineers are supportive infantry units that can be expended to repair a structure or capture an enemy building. Performing either task will remove the Engineer from play (it is explained in the Red Alert 3 training missions that the engineer forms part of the building’s crew and will not re-emerge to be used again and this likely can be applied to other titles).

Engineers may also play other roles, such as doubling as medics, in some C&C titles.

Despite being called Engineers, they are incapable of fixing mechanical units on their own. Engineers in Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 3, however, can enter an Infantry Fighting Vehicle or a Multigunner Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which will grant their transport such capability.

Red Alert universe[]

Red Alert 3[]

Tiberium universe[]


In the Generals universe, Engineers are no longer deployed due to extreme safety concerns. Each faction's basic infantry can be upgraded capture enemy structures. Dedicated Engineering units now can build and repair structures, but are not consumed in the process and can be reused.