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The Enlightened is a Defense Class Tier 1 anti-tank cybernetic infantry unit in Tiberian Twilight.


Should the Ascended survive through a number of battles, their objective as holy warriors become clearer to them. Taking the teachings of Kane to their hearts, they become fearest warriors of Nod and a prime example of servitude to their brethren. They now serve a higher purpose - to bring light into the dark. The dark corners of the human souls. The ones that hadn't converted into the Brotherhood. The Enlightened is a powerful cybernetic warrior, with an integral arm-mounted cannon. It is essentially a smaller, less powerful, but cheaper version of the Centurion. While their predecessors, the Enlightened of the Marked of Kane, were armed with particle beam weapons, their descendants are armed with simpler cannons. This allows the new Enlightened to be used in larger numbers.


The Enlightened are available early on in the game, and is the only Cannon unit available a low-level Nod Defense Class Commander until the Centurion is unlocked. They are cheap and quick to produce: perfect against massed tank attacks. Like all Nod Tier 1 Infantry, Enlightened can self-heal when not in combat.

The Enlightened's cannon is most effective against medium armour, but is not so good against heavy tanks and is likely to miss infantry units. As an infantry unit, Enlightened are vulnerable against gun-type attacks.

When upgraded with Dark Armaments, Enlightened cyborgs gain the ability to revert to a legless form when they sustain too much damage, like the old Cyborgs in the Second Tiberian War. They are also equipped with a suicide explosive pack and can charge at the enemy while in legless form to detonate themselves.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses its suicide attack to destroy a target.



  • I serve again!


  • There is no fear!
  • Reborn!
  • At your command!
  • Let it happen!
  • From the Land of Nod!
  • Ashes to flame!
  • Your servant!
  • Give me purpose!


  • As you wish!
  • It is my fate!
  • Going!
  • Yes!
  • Advancing!
  • At once!
  • Proceed!
  • I move!
  • It will be so!
  • I'll find a way!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Take it for Nod!
  • Securing for Nod!
  • A place for death!


  • They will die!
  • Vengeance is mine!
  • I bring death!
  • Justice!
  • Join the infinite!
  • Destroy them!

Move to Attack

  • They are the ones!
  • Let it begin!
  • They will know death!
  • That is my purpose!
  • That they will die!
  • I understand!

In Combat

  • I attack!
  • Make them suffer!
  • They will fall!
  • Send them darkness!
  • Silence!
  • Give in!

Under Attack

  • They attack!
  • Don't let me suffer!
  • Not again!
  • Power cell breached!
  • I suffer for Nod!


  • They won't kill me!
  • A new path!
  • A safer place!


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