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Erich Patch Wulfe was a GDI special forces grenadier.


Born in Berlin, Germany; Wulfe found himself street-wise at an early age. He came to attention of GDI as a member of the GSG 9, a German paramilitary/counter-terrorist organization.

Eventually, Wulfe became the specialist grenadier of the Dead 6, using the Kestrel grenade launcher as his weapon of choice.



Patch appears in the singleplayer missions Deadly Reunion and Obelisk of Oppression, as a supporting character. He was the only member of the GDI commando team to succeed in his battle with Nod forces during the mountain village battle, and reach the established rendezvous point in the town's cathedral on his own.


In multiplayer, instead of his choice grenade launcher, Patch is armed with the Tiberium flechette gun.


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