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European Council
Michael Dugan and Lieutenant Eva Lee with French President Rene Lyon, the German Chancellor and the British Prime Minister.
Type Body of European leaders

European Allies


Allied Units and Structures Summary

Official language English

The European Council was a body of leaders based in Europe during the Third World War's first iteration in 1972 that was composed of the leaders of some of the major Western European nations. It is the political body of the Allies in the European theatre of war which has a strong influence to other European countries.


After the Soviet Union's invasion of the United States, President Michael Dugan called upon the assistance of the European Council to fight the Soviet threat. The council consisted of major Allied European powers, including Great Britain, Germany and France. Initially, the European leaders were reluctant to join the War against the Soviet Union. After the Nuclear strike on Chicago in Last Chance, the Europeans were more receptive to the idea of the possibility of an aid package for the United States.

At first, the Council wanted the service of agent Tanya in exchange for men, munitions, aircraft and vehicles. However, Tamya refused to be commanded by anyone other than the unnamed Allied commander to strike two Soviet nuclear missile silos that were keeping the Europeans out of the conflict on the German-Polish border. After they were eliminated, the European Allies joined the conflict in force for Operation: Liberty to retake Soviet-occupied Washington DC.

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