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Lieutenant Eva Lee was the Allied intelligence officer under General Carville during the first and second iterations of the Third World War. Her main duty was to brief and assist the Allied Commander, who was in turn in command of the bulk of the Allied forces.


Third World War (first iteration)[]

RA2 Eva

Eva Lee during the war

Lee was the top graduate of her class at West Point.[citation needed] By the time the first iteration of the Third World War started, the Soviets managed to eliminate all Allied field commanders except one, to whom Lee was assigned.[1] She immediately took the role of informing him of his orders and the situation in the field. From the start, she would occasionally speak to him in a colloquial manner or add her own thoughts to the briefing. At the same time, she proved highly resourceful when doing her own research and seeking out information that would aid the Commander.

Third World War (second iteration)[]

Two months[2] after the war was over, she informed President Michael Dugan that a DEFCON 2 alert was sounded over the discovery of Yuri's army trying to control the minds of the entire world. Lee was part of a team, along with Tanya, that entered Albert Einstein's time machine in order to prevent Yuri's domination.[3] In the altered timeline, she maintained her position of an Allied intelligence officer and the advisor to the Commander.

After Yuri's cloning facilities in Sydney were destroyed, Yuri directly connected with Lee in order to discover the location where an Allied-Soviet treaty was to be signed. Lee was unable to resist his mind control, revealed the location to be in London, and collapsed shortly thereafter.[4] After the Commander returned from his mission of defending the Parliament House, she filed her resignation, feeling guilty of sharing critical information with the enemy and compromising the mission. General Ben Carville fiercely refused it, excusing the Lieutenant on the grounds that she was not able to control herself during Yuri's connection. Thankful to the General, she continued doing her duty in the assault on Yuri's base in Antarctica. After the mission was complete, two timelines merged. When Tanya invited the Commander to the victory gala at the White House, Lee did the same in her own evening dress and gave a suggestive look to the Commander, which surprised Tanya as that did not occur in the original timeline.[5]

Lee's whereabouts after that are unknown.

Selected quotes[]

Commander, good morning. We've successfully instituted the president's emergency Lazarus Protocol. I'm Lieutenant Eva, the intel officer assigned to your command... and since you're the only commander left alive, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a job.
- Eva to the Allied Commander at the beginning of the first Allied mission (Red Alert 2)
We're all very sorry for General Carville, commander. The Soviets have been using their Crazy Ivans everywhere. Carville always said that you will be the one that will lead us to victory. It seems you're proving him right.
- Eva to the Allied Commander in the intro to Operation: Mirage (Red Alert 2)
It looks like Yuri's got this studio filming another dinosaur movie. He's not very creative, is he?
- Eva to the Allied Commander in Operation: Hollywood and Vain (Yuri's Revenge)
And I thought the Brute was bad! Yuri calls this thing a Mastermind. It's basically a big brain on wheels that mind controls everything that gets near it. Don't get near it.
- Eva warning the Allied Commander about Yuri's Mastermind (Yuri's Revenge)

Behind the scenes[]



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