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For other characters by the same name, see Eva.

Lieutenant Eva McKenna is an Allied communications officer appearing in Red Alert 3 and Uprising. She is portrayed by Gemma Atkinson.


Rising Star

The Soviet-Allied conflict affected Eva McKenna at a young age and inspired her to enlist. McKenna was the best student in her academy classes year after year, and now personally attends to the highest-ranking members of the Allied Nations, ensuring a strong chain of command. She was the top student at the academy during her tenure. It was rumored that she posed as the 'poster girl' whenever the Allies achieved a rare (and later continuous) military victory.[1]

Third World War

By the time the Soviets almost entirely occupied Europe, McKenna had been promoted to lieutenant and tasked to personally attend to the highest-ranking members of Allied coalition. At this critical junction she was assigned to assist a field commander resist the Soviet invasion of the Britain. As the war dragged on with the Soviets and eventually the Empire of the Rising Sun, the lieutenant developed an attraction to the commander and she sought to develop a personal relationship with the commander, often in competition with Agent Tanya who had also developed an interest towards the Commander, as the conflict progressed. At war's end this rivalry came to a head when both women invited the commander out on a celebratory date.[2]

It was anyone's guess who the Commander went out with.

The Uprising

Lt. Eva McKenna again assisted the commander in the post-war period, this time to suppress dissident provincial shoguns in Japan and an attempt by Crown Prince Tatsu to reinvigorate the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Behind the scenes

  • She was played by Gemma Atkinson and speaks with a strong Manchester accent.
  • In the ending of the Allies campaign in Red Alert 3, the Commander can either choose the very beautiful Eva McKenna or special agent Tanya. In Uprising when the Commander returns to active duty Eva fairly mentions that the Commander looks in good shape. Although by no means conclusive, this seems to suggest that she has not seen him in a while (therefore the commander chose Tanya, though there is nothing to suggest he did not choose Lissette instead), also she is showing remarkably less cleavage which also suggest she is no longer flirting with the commander. However, Eva has a better relation with the player, and according to Uprising, there are rumours that she took a leave of absence after the war, which could have been spent with the commander. Eva McKenna enjoys a higher popularity, and many were disappointed by the change in her appearance.
  • Despite her holding the rank of lieutenant, her uniform has only sergeant (E-5) chevrons on her dress uniform.


Red Alert 3

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