One of Stalin's top atomic strategists, Vladimir Kosygin, wishes to defect. His knowledge of Stalin's atomic strategies is invaluable to us. We will extract him from the Riga compound where he is stationed.

Use a spy to infiltrate the Soviet command center and contact Kosygin. Once he is out of the building, guide him back to your base any way you can.
- Mission briefing

Evacuate Kosygin is the ninth Allied mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert.


With Stalin's Iron Curtain project offline and the Allies' success with the Chronosphere, the tide of the war seems to be turning for the Allies. However a spy reported that the Soviets have developed the atomic bomb and planned to use it on several European cities. One of Stalin's key advisors Vladimir Kosygin became appalled at Stalin's tactic to sacrifice his own troops as bait to draw the Allies into a trap and unleash the atom bomb on them both. As such Kosygin is prepared to defect to the Allies but is held in a Soviet compound in Riga. Following the success of the defense of the Chronosphere, General von Esling sends Field Commander A9 to get a spy needs to get past the Soviet defenses and infiltrate the compound. Once Kosygin is found he has to be taken back to his base anyway he can.


Your base is situated on a small island which is not occupied by Soviet units. The key is to get naval units on the water as quick as possible as the Soviets will send transports to your base. Once you destroy the Soviet's Sub Pen, then you can focus on getting Kosygin out of the base.

Once Kosygin is out, you may get reinforcements in the form of two Crusiers from the south. While you do not have to destroy the entire base, you will be given the option to use these cruisers to do significant damage and to finally try out these devestating units for yourself.



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