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CNCR NodLogo The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.
GDI has imported a Nuclear Detonator in an attempt to sway a few local political leaders. Penetrate the base and steal the detonator. A chopper will be sent to meet you at a designated landing zone. Look for the landing flare once you have stolen the device.
- Mission briefing

Extract the Detonator is the sixth Nod mission of Tiberian Dawn.


The immense success of Nod's North African campaign had seen the fall of nearly all of northern and western Africa to Nod forces. The nations of Benin, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria were next to fall under the Brotherhood's control. In order to forstall this outcome so that sufficient reinforcements could arrive, GDI had installed a nuclear device in a major city in each of the countries. By hanging the threat of nuclear annihilation above the heads of the three African countries, they would be able to gain enough 'influence' to remain in control of them.

However there was a key weakness in their plan. Presumably so that no fingers would point their way, the GDI had installed the nukes with separate detonators located nearby in GDI bases, bases near Abuja in Nigeria, Abidjan in the Ivory Coast and Porto-Novo in Benin. But unfortunately for them Nod spies learned of the location of the detonators.


A small Nod force entered each of the countries and proceeded quickly to the location of the bases. They then proceeded to fight their way inside, stealing the nuclear detonators located in all three of the bases.

Once they had control of the detonators, they proceeded to the designated lift-off points where they transferred the nuclear detonators into the Chinook helicopter that had been assigned to support them. Having done so they then escaped either by land or in the helicopter.



West Africa falls to Nod forces

Having successfully retrieved the detonators, the GDI were unable to use them to influence the decisions of the local political leaders. The governments of the Ivory Coast and Benin swiftly surrendered to Nod as they had planned while the old Nigerian government retook power and pledged themselves to Nod's cause. Nod had finally secured complete control of West Africa.

Additionally Nod forces had gained control of several nuclear weapons and their detonators. This would help achieve a key objective pursued by Nod forces on a global scale, that of becoming a nuclear power. Most likely the nuclear weaponry that would be deployed in the Temples of Nod were based on the nuclear weaponry captured in Western Africa.


Sundial being blown up (mission start cinematic)