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The Extractor is the Scrin equivalent of human Tiberium Refineries.


When the Scrin harvesting force arrived to Earth, they rapidly began constructing these odd, seemingly organic structures. They appeared to work in conjunction with their Harvesters to collect Tiberium for the Scrin's unknown agenda. For stability, the hovering Harvester was held in place by a clamp while Tiberium was siphoned into the Extractor. Even with the Scrin's refinement of harvesting techniques, the equipment needed to extract the collected Tiberium was immense, and these structures required many credits and much power to operate.

Curiously, Tiberium containment structures were never seen in Scrin bases. This potentially suggested that the Scrin had some method of storing infinite amounts of Tiberium. As the Invasion of Earth progressed, and GDI began launching counterattacks on Scrin positions, they discovered the existence of Threshold Towers and the Control Node, which was suspected to transfer all collected Tiberium to the mysterious "Ichor Hub" and thereby circumventing the issue of on-site Tiberium storage.

Game Structure[]

The Extractor is almost identical to GDI and Nod Tiberium Refineries in spite of the different name. Once built, a Harvester (or, in Reaper-17's case, a Shielded harvester) will appear to automatically harvest nearby Tiberium. When the Harvester is full or the Tiberium field is depleted, it returns to the Extractor and deposits its load, which is then converted to funds for the Foreman to use.

The Extractor differs in one interesting way, however - having control of even one Extractor, regardless of faction, removes the limit on how many credits the commander can store. This, of course, means that the Scrin have no use for Tiberium silos (aside from the extra credits afforded by the capture of a civilian one), and neither would any human commander who owns an Extractor.


  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • sale price reduced by 70% to 300 credits
    • fixed an error that caused players to lose credits when selling Refineries or Extractors under the control of a Mastermind
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.01:
    • cost/build time increased to $3000/30 sec
    • power requirement increased to 15 units



  • Despite the implied transfer of Tiberium elsewhere, the structure still has a multitude of open-air Tiberium pits that fill or drain depending on the docked Harvester.
  • Curiously, Extractors are referred to as "TiberiumTower" internally.
    • Nod and GDI refineries are both merely called "Refinery".


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