Eydie Laramore was the creator of Tiberian Dawn's fictional concepts with Joseph Bostic and Brett Sperry before the game was first released in 1995.

Inventor Revealed

In an interview by Battlecast Primetime, Joseph D. Kucan who plays Nod's messiah, Kane mentions to an interviewer that the Brotherhood of Nod faction was an invention of Laramore in particular, with the two of them having extensively discussed biblical metaphor and imaged backstory.

Later, Laramore told Louis Castle, the co-founder of Westwood Studios that Nod's Tiberian Dawn campaign in Africa had began its shooting there with Seth's half of the missions first, before Kane makes his appearance (by shooting Seth in the head for planning an attack on the Pentagon) to finish the rest of a Nod Commander's campaign and use the hijacked GDI Ion Cannon to shatter its image by destroying a major site, like the White House for example to kill Robert Fielding, the President of the United States of America in 2002.


Developer profile at MobyGames

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