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Factory Recall is eighth GDI mission in the Tiberian Sun: Firestorm campaign. It takes after the Second Tiberium War, during a period called the Firestorm Crisis.

EVA Briefing

GDI scientists have reprogrammed a Nod cyborg and have implanted a virus designed for release into CABAL's communications network. The cyborg must be inserted into CABAL's defensive outpost for the virus to take effect. CABAL is aware of this operation and will do anything to prevent it. Establish your base quickly before CABAL can fortify his position.


  • First Objective: Insert the infected cyborg into the defensive outpost's network center.
  • Second Objective: Destroy the cyborg manufacturing facility.
  • Third Objective: Destroy all remaining CABAL forces.


Despite the relative success at Trondheim, CABAL was brutally recruiting civilians and dead Nod soldiers, and turning them into cyborgs. General Cortez was approached by Nod leader Anton Slavik for a ceasefire, and GDI and Nod formed an unholy alliance against CABAL, since the rogue AI turned on the Brotherhood and massacred lots and lots of the Nod forces.

Combined intelligence from GDI and Nod pinpointed the CABAL Core in Libya. However the base was heavily defended and supported by two auxiliary bases. Nod would focus on destroying CABAL's Tiberium harvesting operations while GDI turned their attention to eradicating the cyborg production plant. Dr. Boudreau and her Daedalus Team had managed to infect a captured cyborg with a computer virus to be used to infect the cyborg network, allowing GDI to destroy the plant without strong opposition.


With CABAL's auxiliary bases destroyed, the time had come for GDI and Nod to destroy the CABAL Core. Even so, CABAL still had a very large army and many defensive protocols to defend his core to the last cyborg.




The dam near the northwest corner of the map provides power to the CABAL base, enough that even if the Advanced power plants in the southwest corner are destroyed but not the dam, the base will continue to receive power.


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