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For the Allied fake buildings in Red Alert, see Fake Structures (Red Alert).

Fake buildings were decoys of important GLA structures which perfectly mimicked their originals in appearance, but lacked any functionality. Workers were trained to build these fake structures, which could either be remotely detonated or, for a fee, upgraded to the real version of that particular structure at any time.

These buildings are exclusive to the Zero Hour expansion pack.

Available fake buildings

Fake buildings could only be built if the real one was also available, so, for instance, the fake black market could only be built the player owned a palace.


ZH Become Real Icons.gif
Become Real Upgrades the building to the real version
ZH Detonate Icons.gif
Detonate Detonates the building, damaging nearby enemy units

Game unit

These fake buildings were of even more use to Prince Kassad, who could stealth his real buildings, making the fake buildings appear to be the only ones present to his foes.

Fake buildings are a lot weaker than their real counterparts, and this information can be used to determine whether a building is fake. Also, when stealth detection is applied, a yellow square appears around the fake building.



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