Fake naval yard

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RA DOS FakeNavalYard icon.png RA1 Naval Yard Icons fake.gif RAR Fake Naval Yard Cameo.png Fake Naval Yard
Internal name SYRF
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
Role Decoy
Tech level 3
Hit points 30
Cost 50
Produced by Construction yard
Sight range 4
Power -2

Due to heavy bombardment from the Soviets, the Allies developed easily constructable fake buildings which were made to deceive enemies to draw attention away from their real counterparts. The fake naval yard could be built to deceive an enemy commander into thinking the Allies were planning a naval strike, but then the Allies may do a ground strike instead. Even if the Allies were planning to use ships, fake naval yards were built just to force the Soviets to waste time and ammo trying to figure out which was the real naval yard.


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