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I'll get my wrench.
- Field mechanic

Field mechanics were an Allied support unit in the Aftermath expansion of the original Red Alert.

In order to prolong the survival of their armoured divisions as well as sustain the momentum of the attack, the Allied Forces during Second World War created the field mechanic corps, whose sole duty was to maintain Allied vehicles in the field of battle. These mechanics performed with distinction at their job and managed to save countless tanks and crews on the battlefield.

However, due to the nature of their equipment and training, field mechanics carried absolutely no weapons and were defenseless against enemy fire and had to be protected by infantry or combat vehicles at all times.


The mechanic functions like a field medic, but operates on vehicles instead of infantry. If a mechanic was to enter a transport such as an APC, he had to repair it before entering, probably due to engine limitations.

Though expensive, mechanics repair vehicles much faster than the service depot and will do so for free. Having a few mechanics in tow with armored forces is often vital for a moving force and are the answer to quickly restore them from the occasional shockwaves of MAD tanks. However, as with the medic, he is slow and completely unarmed. But with enough protection for the Mechanics while doing their job, it could mean a whole difference between life and death for friendly vehicles. Moreover in a long run, it could minimise the use of resources for replacing lost vehicles.


Tiberium Universe

After the war, they were relieved of duty, but during the latter stages of First Tiberium War, few GDI and Nod engineers and technicians can perform a similar task with their Repair gun.

Red Alert Universe

After the war, they were relieved of duty as, starting with the Third World War, engineers can enter an IFV, turning it into a sort of a repair tank that can repair vehicles on the field without requiring them to return to base.


  • I'll get my wrench.
  • Yes sir.
  • Shoooore thing, boss.
  • Yyyyeeeeeehhaa!
  • Hot-diggity!
  • I hear you!
  • Rise and shine!


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