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A new trooper for the Allies, the mechanic can repair vehicles in the field. Slow and unarmored, he is an easy target for Soviet infantry and tanks. However, his ability to repair any nearby friendly units more than makes up for his lack of defense. Like the medic, the mechanic takes time to repair a unit to full strength.
- Red Alert: The Aftermath manual(src)

The field mechanic is an Allied support infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath, and Retaliation. They are unarmed infantry units who can repair friendly ground vehicles.

Game unit

The mechanic functions like a field medic, but operates on vehicles instead of infantry. If a mechanic was to enter a transport such as an APC, he had to repair it before entering, probably due to engine limitations.

Though expensive, mechanics repair vehicles much faster than the service depot and will do so for free. However, like medics, they are slow and completely unarmed.


Tiberium universe

After the war, they were relieved of duty, but during the latter stages of First Tiberium War, few GDI and Nod engineers and technicians can perform a same task with their repair gun.

Red Alert universe

After the war, they were relieved of duty as, starting with the Third World War, engineers can enter an IFV, turning it into a sort of a repair tank that can repair vehicles on the field without requiring them to return to base.


  • I'll get my wrench.
  • Yes sir.
  • Shoooore thing, boss.
  • Yyyyeeeeeehhaa!
  • Hot-diggity!
  • I hear you!
  • Rise and shine!
  • Huh?



DOS English French German
CNCRA FieldMech Lores Cameo.png CNCRAAF Field Mechanic Cameo.png RA FieldMech FR cameo.png RA FieldMech DE cameo.png

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