I see you snooping into the computers. Very clever, Yuriko. I'm Dr. Shimada. You must not leave yet, it's too dangerous.
- Dr. Shimada, after he notice Yuriko escaped from the cell

Final Exam is the first mission in Yuriko's campaign in Red Alert 3: Uprising. This mission introduces Yuriko to her psychic powers and learns how to control them from Izumi's advice. Dealing heavy damage to the building's infrastructure Yuriko nearly escapes the center, only to be intercepted by Rocket Angels who used their paralysis whips to paralyse Yuriko.

Secret Files

Icon Files Description Quotes
RA3 Secret Files The Dominatrix.png
The Dominatrix "Once I mastered the Psychic Domination talent, everyone in this facility started being much nicer to me."
RA3 Secret Files I'm Rubber, You're Glue.png
I'm Rubber, You're Glue "This is test data from my Psionic Shield training. If they didn't expect I could reflect live ammunition back at them, they shouldn't have shot at me."
RA3 Secret Files Mind Over Matter.png
Mind Over Matter "They trained me to move heavy objects with my mind. There are dozens of accident reports blamed on my so-called Psionic Slam."


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