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For the post-Second Tiberium War conflict against CABAL, see Firestorm Conflict.

Firestorms are byproducts of a combination of scorching temperatures and quantities of unburned napalm on the ground, which fuel the blaze.


Firestorms were primarily utilized by the People's Liberation Army during the GLA Conflict. They proved to be extremely effective at melting down what remained of the light armor of GLA units should they have survived an attack. They were also quite effective at burning down structures, who were at any rate incapable of escaping the flames.

Firestorms were among the most destructive force against enemy installations, surpassed only by nuclear weapons, and PLA was well-versed in creating them in a controlled manner. Many of their units were equipped with warheads that could create ravenous blazes at a moment's notice, though some operated in groups in accordance with the mass assault doctrine used by the rest of the military and as such were equipped with weaker weapons to cut costs.

Both MiGs (the PLA's mainline fighter aircraft) and Inferno Cannons (howitzer-like artillery weapons) were often deployed in groups, and as such were adjusted to operate optimally under such conditions. The armament of both of these vehicles required multiple strikes on the same location to flare up a firestorm, but given the former's speed and the latter's range, these could be created practically anywhere.

The PLA's assault gunship, the Helix (and its offensive variant), could be loaded with heavier incendiary ordinance upon request. The range of these flaming bombs were restricted to directly below the helicopter, which made their deployment slightly trickier, though unlike the bomb's projectile cousins they spawned a firestorm instantly after impacting with any surface.

The Dragon Tank was the only incendiary weapon utilized by the PLA that was not designed to spark firestorms.

The potency of firestorms are also affected by the Black Napalm upgrade, which makes them burn brighter and longer.

Units capable of sparking firestorms[]

Requires multiple strikes[]



  • General Tsing Shi Tao can only generate firestorms using Inferno Cannons, having supplanted all other such weapons with a nuclear variation.
  • The concept of firestorms are exclusive to Generals and its expansion pack, Zero Hour, despite the appearance of incendiary weapons in other universes as well.

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