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For other units under the same name, see Firehawk.

The Firehawk is one of GDI's fighter-bombers in Tiberian Twilight.


Firehawk, taking to the skies.
- Firehawk

The Firehawk has undergone several changes since the Third Tiberium War but the unit is still one of GDI's most iconic units, keeping its traditional wing design but its aerodynamics are more streamlined with a pointed nose allowing for greater speed.

Elite Firehawks receive a skull and swords paint job on their wings, these elite squadrons can only be called in via the Firehawk airstrike support power.

Game unit

Honour above all.
- Firehawk

The Firehawk is one of the fastest and most delicate units in Tiberian Twilight. Firehawks reload slowly, but more quickly in the presence of a Crawler, and do not need to dock to do so.[1] The Firehawk's strength is it's versatility, it can hit both air and ground with ordinance specialized for such a target.

A max-tier support power calls in an elite squadron of Firehawks capable of doing a large amount of damage to all units i[2]n an area.

It is armed with both air-to-ground bombs as well as air-to-air missiles. Unlike it's predecessor however, it is armed with both at the same time, one anti-ground bomb, and two anti-air missiles. Its medium armor renders it vulnerable to rocket fire from a Nod Attack bikes or Ascended.

It's Nod counterpart is the Vertigo Bomber, but without AA capabilities but can drop incendiary bombs.


  • Firehawk taking to the skies.
  • Honor above all.
  • We'll deliver.



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