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25px-Disambig For other Firehawks, see Firehawk.

The Firehawk is a fast GDI aircraft offensive unit in Tiberium Alliances that attacks structures on its bombing run.

Game unit[]

Unlike other offensive units, the Firehawk does not target a unit until it destroys it, it simply flies straight across the target's base bombing any structure in its path until it runs out of ammunition.

However it is weaker than the Vertigo and are easily taken out with the militant rocket squad, so it is best to attack in groups. Unlike the Vertigo though, the Firehawk can attack buildings that are 1.5 distance away from the Firehawk. It isn't as good as the Vertigo used by Nod players.


Nano Tech
TA GDI Nano Tech
The Nano Technology allows cheaper repairs after combat. The Firehawk will consume 25% less repair time.
Costs TA Icon Credits 215M TA Icon Research Points 430M


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