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For other Firehawks, see Firehawk.

Firehawk, docked and ready!
- Firehawk

The Firehawk was a GDI multirole fighter/bomber in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Firehawk attack jet uses a dynamically unstable airframe that requires computer control to stay in flight – but the resulting air combat performance is unparalleled. The onboard AI also helps pilots with targeting, threat assessment and tracking, weapon control, and navigation. Connected through a neural link, the AI and the pilot work together seamlessly, combining the best of computer and human being.[1]

The Firehawk can carry either an air-to-ground or air-to-air loadout, which can be switched at while docked at an airfield. They can also be equipped with optional rocket boosters that allow the aircraft to punch into the stratosphere and go near-orbital in order to hop over enemy air defenses. However, they are vulnerable to AA fire in the actual target zone during the re-entry.[2] Additionally, dropping back into the battlefield directly on top of the target was inadvisable with the anti-ground loadout, since they needed a little space to maneuver.

Their flexibility served GDI formations well during the Third Tiberium War; while they excelled at pounding dug-in Nod fortifications, they were even more useful in combating the heavy air formations of the Scrin, especially in battles where deploying surface-based anti-air would have been a death sentence.


After the Third Tiberium War, the Firehawk underwent a redesign to further improve its already-successful combat performance. This new model, which had both loadouts applied at once and did not require an airfield, saw combat during the Fourth Tiberium War against the Nod Separatists attempting to destroy the TCN Nodes.

Game unit[]

We'll take that area.
- Firehawk

While Nod's Vertigo Bombers take advantage of stealth to strike targets, GDI's Firehawks use extreme speed to reach targets quickly, fire their payload, then move back to base. Firehawks have the distinction of being one of the best air-to-air units in the game, since they can often destroy or heavily damage enemy aircraft without giving them a chance to do much damage, if any, in return. In addition, the Stratofighter Boosters upgrade allows them to move anywhere on the field unharmed when activated, resulting in their being able to either bypass enemy defenses and bomb the inside of a base, or to escape pursuing air units and appearing back at base for repairs and rearming.

ZOCOM has access to the Ceramic Armor upgrade, which improves the health of Firehawks. The standard GDI faction and the Steel Talons subfaction instead has the option to apply the Hardpoints upgrade, allowing Firehawks to carry 50% more ammunition for both loadouts.

When landed, Firehawks can be configured to either carry bombs or missiles, but not both. In this way, they can serve as agile strike bombers or as interceptor craft, depending on the current needs of their commander.

While Firehawks may initially seem totally superior to Orcas, they aren't always. Orcas are cheaper, are available earlier and are more suited to taking on vehicles. Orcas can also carry several rockets which they fire at a manageable rate, making them better suited to engaging multiple targets at a time, while the Firehawk usually drops all of its bombs on one target (regardless of how excessive that damage would be relative to the target's remaining hit points). Orcas are also generally more effective at dealing with heavily armored vehicles like tanks, which is something that Firehawk bombs aren't nearly as good at. Firehawks are still generally superior at surviving attacks against anti-air units and are more efficient at levelling buildings and wiping out infantry clumps due to their very high speed and grenade-type damage, respectively.

A pair of Firehawks can destroy an anti-air turret in a single bombing run, and can expect to survive if they don't take damage from anything along the way. They are good at harassment and wearing down opponents' bases that have a deficiency in anti-air, due to their good survivability. Their high speed and damage also made them excellent choices to punch through even the formidable health pool of Planetary Assault Carriers.




  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • now fires its missile loadout in volleys, improving the Firehawk's ability to quickly damage groups of enemy aircraft.
    • Firehawks equipped with Stratofighter boosters will no longer fly in stacked on top of each other when groups of Firehawks are ordered to use the ability at the same time
    • added ammunition counters to the portrait
    • added ambient reload sound effects
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.01:
    • fixed a desync that occurs when engaging Firehawks with Seekers
    • Firehawks no longer force-fire at the ground when loaded with anti-air missiles and group-selected with ground units
    • Hardpoints upgrade no longer decreases Firehawk anti-air missile speed


When created[]

  • Firehawk, docked and ready!

When selected[]

  • Firehawk, standing by.
  • Firehawk here!
  • We're clear!
  • Looking good.
  • Ready for coordinates!
  • Bomber, standing by!
  • All set!

When moving[]

  • Firehawk on its way!
  • New course received!
  • Roger that, command!
  • Acknowledged!
  • We'll take that area!
  • Copy that.

When using stratofighter boosters[]

  • Going up!
  • Let's take her up!
  • Up and over!

When attacking with missiles[]

  • Target confirmed!
  • This one's mine!
  • I'll take this!
  • Approaching target!
  • No problem!
  • We're going in!
  • I see 'em!
  • It's a go!
  • We have a lock!

When attacking with bombs[]

  • Ready to fire bomb!
  • Target for fire bomb!
  • This should clear it out!
  • Bombing sequence confirmed!

When returning to base[]

  • Got it, returning to base!
  • That's an RTB!
  • Prepare to land!

When retreating[]

  • Abort mission!
  • We've been hit, return to base!

When crashing[]

  • Hold on!
  • Mayday!
  • We're burning up!


  • The Firehawk uses an M-shaped wing with canards (forward stabilizers). While the particular wing shape was never put to pracical use, the simpler forward-swept wing was used on Grumman X-29 and Sukhoi S-37 prototypes.


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