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For the Tiberian Sun expansion pack of the same name, see Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm.
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It's time you saw the future while you still have human eyes!
- Kane(src)

Firestorm is an upcoming first and third-person shooter video game developed by Totem Arts, that aims to reimagine Tiberian Sun in the shooter genre. Originally announced as Renegade X: Firestorm in June 2020 as a major game mode expansion to Renegade X, Firestorm has become its own standalone project. It was slated for official release in fall 2020, but the game was delayed to 2022 with an open beta focused around the infantry-based "Firestorm Assault" game mode planned in the summer of the same year.[1]

Firestorm is set in a reimagining of the Second Tiberium War, with elements taken from the eponymous Firestorm expansion pack and Tiberium Wars. Unlike the traditional C&C mode in the original Renegade and Renegade X, the main game mode of Firestorm is a based on the conquest game mode found in large-scale modern military shooters such as Battlefield. Players will be able to construct buildings and expand by conquering outposts scattered throughout the map.[2]


Firestorm is to feature combined arms warfare across its multiplayer game modes. The game also adds infantry vaulting and a starting loadout system, where opposed to the class system of Renegade X in which a character is restricted to a certain primary weapon, in Firestorm players can choose and purchase their own primary, sidearm, equipment, and infantry upgrades.[1]

Firestorm will feature two game modes:

  • Firestorm Conquest: essentially a mixture of the Conquest game mode from Battlefield and the C&C mode from Renegade, in Firestorm Conquest players still have the main objective of destroying the enemy base. There is limited base building where players can construct and upgrade power plants, refineries, production structures, and automated defenses on fixed build zones. Further expansion is done by capturing outposts throughout the map, where forward bases can be constructed. By the endgame, when the base is fully upgraded and enough credits are accumulated, players can call in superweapons; or deploy epic vehicles - massive, powerful vehicles that can be crewed by multiple players. The GDI team can deploy the Mammoth Mk. II while Nod can deploy the Gunship, the latter is based on the Scrin ship from the Tiberian Sun campaigns.[3]
  • Firestorm Assault: an infantry-centered, objective-based game mode inspired by the Assault game mode from Unreal Tournament and the Rush game mode from Battlefield.[1]


"Tiberian Aftermath" teaser image

Firestorm was heavily inspired by Tiberian Aftermath, a defunct mod for Battlefield Vietnam which aimed to create a Tiberian Sun FPS.[4] Several of the vehicles from the mod were updated and ported into Renegade X as part of its Open Beta 5 release.[5] Totem Arts also experimented with porting the models from Tiberian Sun: Reborn into the Unreal Engine. The developers realized that the designs of the units from Tiberian Sun were not functional (i.e. the Wolverine has short legs and low gun turrets), so they redesigned each unit to feel more grounded and authentic in the universe. The efforts of the team expanded into a project that aims to bring Tiberian Sun into a shooter experience in the Unreal Engine.[4]

The gameplay of Firestorm went through several iterations during development. The first iteration, starting in 2017 as a collaboration with the Tiberian Sun: Reborn team, was a simple port of Reborn assets into base Renegade X prior to the unit redesign. The second iteration was a full-scale RTS vision with giant maps and nearly unlimited base building capabilities, however this was unfeasible due to performance issues and engine instability. The third iteration was essentially a Tiberian Sun reskin of Renegade X with small maps and unit roster, and while this iteration would make the initial fall 2020 release, the developers felt a basic reskin would be disappointing and not fun enough to play. The fourth and current iteration of Firestorm's gameplay would return to the efforts of the second iteration. With new discoveries made in engine optimization and map creation, the developers were able to bring back large-scale maps, yet limited base building and expansion in the form of outpost control.[2]





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