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During the Firestorm Conflict, GDI has formed a special task force (from whose name the Conflict took its name) in order to deal with the devastating results of the catastrophic ion storm that ravaged the Earth and later with the results of CABAL's rebellion. Under the leadership of General Paul Cortez, an experienced officer was taken off of Project Lazarus and served as Battle Commander for the duration of the conflict.

The officer served an important role throughout the Conflict. He participated in recovering the Tacitus from the destroyed remnant of the Kodiak establishing contacts with the Mutant Forgotten in the process. Later, he escorted civilians to safety from Tiberium infected beasts escaped from the Genesis Pit. Following Tratos's assassination, he managed to quell the hostilities spreading between the Forgotten and the civilian populations without bloodshed which prompted the respect of many Mutant warriors who regarded him as a worthy ally. Afterwards, the Ghostalker agreed to assist the Firestorm Commander and archaeologist Valdez in the recovery of a second Tacitus piece from the Temple of the Tacitus. They eliminated a dangerous cult leader called Mortimer during the course of the operation.

He later safeguarded Gabriella Boudreau and civilians from the renegade Nod AI, CABAL. When GDI and the Brotherhood joined forces to fight CABAL. Rallying his battle team, he attacked CABAL's cyborg production facilities and interrupted the rogue AI's network using a reprogrammed cyborg. When the hammer came down, a joint GDI/NOD assault was launched on the CABAL Core, Dr. Boudreau supplied with whatever hi-tech he needed to atomize Cabal's army and retrieve the Tacitus fragments. The Commander managed to reach the wreckage of CABAL's base before his Nod counterpart, claiming the Tacitus for GDI. General Cortez congratulated his right hand man for the job.

This officer was known to be operating from a GDI spacecraft identical to the Kodiak.

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