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Firestorm ignition
CNC4 Ignite Firestorm Cameo.png
Affiliation Nod Support Class
Cost 10 SP
Requires Rank 10
Abilities Turns all flames into firestorms temporarily

Firestorm ignition is a support power that temporarily ignites all flames and flame weapons into firestorms.

Game effect

A very situation power, the Support class can use this power with either the Salamander's ability, or the Leviathan's main attack. However, by far the most effective use of this power is when used with the Nod Offense Class's Trail of Flame upgrade and Flame Tanks. Have the tanks speed through a crowded area, then activate this power and consume any units trying to pursue the flame tanks. It can also be combined with the Nod Defense Class's Holy Water ability on their Black Hand infantry, allowing a group of 6 to 8 Black Hand infantry to very rapidly kill an enemy Crawler.

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