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A critical supply convoy is due through this area in 25 minutes, but Soviet forces have blocked the road in several places. Unless you can clear them out, those supplies will never make it to the front. The convoy will come from the northwest, and time is short so work quickly.
- Mission briefing

Five To One is the second Allied mission in Red Alert 1.


Despite the rescue of Einstein, the Soviets were pressing hard into Allied territory.  If the heavy armor of the Red Army couldn't be stopped, it would easily reach Berlin and deal a staggering blow to Allied war effort.  However, Allied divisions at the front line were running low on supplies.  The Soviets well knew this and cut off a major pass to stop any supply routes coming through.  If the Soviet outpost remained standing, the Allied divisions would simply wither away without a fight.  Even then, rescuing Einstein wouldn't have mattered.


You'll have a mission timer of 25 minutes for this mission, but don't be too worried about it - you shouldn't need nearly that long to finish it.

Your MCV will arrive and deploy itself - start building a power plant as soon as it's deployed. You'll continue receiving small clusters of infantry and Rangers for the first several minutes of the mission, so just pile them up below your construction yard. Build an ore refinery and place it above and to the left of your construction yard once your power plant is ready, then build a barracks below the construction yard.

While it's not necessary to build anything for this mission, you'll be using this same base again in another mission, so anything you build now will just mean you won't need to do as much later. Go ahead and build a silo or two, then place a pillbox above and to the left of your ore refinery, another one below your barracks, and a third left of your construction yard. That should be sufficent to keep your base protected later.

To finish the mission, gather your pile of Riflemen and Rangers and head west through the ore field. Shoot barrels as soon as you see them to inflict huge amounts of damage on the Soviets, and keep your eyes open for attack dogs. The Soviet base is a little more than a full screen west of yours - wipe out all of the buildings in it, and the scattered Soviet forces on the rest of the map should move towards you. Wipe them all out, and your convoy will arrive. Send your forces back to your base, and the mission will end once the convoy exits the screen south of your base.


With the pass taken, the Allies were able to distribute supplies across the front (though it was still on the verge of collapsing).  The forces were bolstered slightly.  Even though a counterattack was suicidal, the defense wasn't altogether improbable.


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