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A critical supply convoy is due through this area in 25 minutes, but Soviet forces have blocked the road in several places. Unless you can clear them out, those supplies will never make it to the front. The convoy will come from the northwest, and time is short so work quickly.
- Mission briefing

Five To One is the second Allied mission in Red Alert.[1]


Despite the rescue of Einstein, the Soviets were pressing hard into Allied territory and prepared for a push into Germany. Additionally, Allied divisions at the front line were running low on supplies. Aware of this, the Soviets cut off a supply route going through a mountain pass in Poland.


With the pass taken, the Allies were able to distribute supplies across the front (though it was still on the verge of collapsing). The forces were bolstered slightly. Even though a counterattack was suicidal, the defense wasn't altogether improbable.


This mission is timed, with the Allied supply convoy entering the map either after 25 minutes have passed or when all Soviet forces have been destroyed.

The MCV will deploy itself, allowing the player to start base construction immediately. Additionally, more Allied units will arrive throughout the initial part of the mission. These forces are sufficient to fend of initial Soviet attacks and even clear the map. Nevertheless, building multiple Power Plants, one or more Refineries as well as a Barrack and possibly base defenses is advised, as this map will be revisited in the future.

The Soviet base is situated to the west of the player's starting position, and is trivial to overrun with the combined starting forces. Once all Soviet structures have been destroyed, the remaining Soviet forces will converge on any Allied units and structures. Once they have been disposed of or the timer runs out, three convoy trucks will enter the map from the northwest. As soon as they leave the map again, the mission is won.

The Soviet base can be left alone - it will reapper in the second mission in this area and can be captured with engineers to provide an immediate boost in build range and unit availability.



Beta variant

The beta version of this map features slightly different troop placements and other minor changes. The MCV does not roll in from the north. It is pre-placed on the map instead, and does not automatically deploy. No Medics are among the reinforcements. If the player does not deploy their MCV right away, they will be supplied with a second MCV.

Demo variant

The demo variant of this mission is largely identical to the release version, though minor changes to the layout of the map were made. The map features a bridge rigged with explosive barrels in the southwest, and a Soviet paratrooper team scripted to destroy it. However, even with the bridge destroyed, the convoy trucks can still transverse the map by using a crossing instead of the bridge. Furthermore, the player is provided with two Light Tanks at the start of the mission, and has access to the War Factory to build even more Light Tanks. This further reduces the mission's difficulty.



MCV (mission start cutscene)
Convoy passing (mission accomplished cutscene)


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