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Flak was a type of anti-aircraft ordanance used almost exclusively by Soviet forces in the Third World War, its second iteration, its third iteration, and The Uprising. The term "Flak" is actually an ambiguation of the German word "Flugzeugabwehrkanone" (also cited as "Flugabwehrkanone"), which loosely translates to "aircraft defence cannon"; sometimes it is also abbreviated as FlaK. Though the term can apply to any type of anti-air gun, it was most commonly attributed to a special shell that exploded in bursts of shrapnel which were meant to tear into enemy armour. While Flak saw its most effective use against air targets, it was also effective against infantry.

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  • Although the Soviets were seen using Flak in the Red Alert series, it would seem impossible for them to use it, since the Nazis were the ones who created the Flak technology with their Flak 88.