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For more uses, see Flame tank.

The Black Hand variant of the Devil's Tongue flame tank was a Nod support tank employed during the First Tiberium War, effective against infantry.



The flame tank is by far Nod's best vehicle on the battlefield for close-range combat, as it can easily destroy enemy vehicles and infantry that get too close. Unlike other ground vehicles, the flame tank does not need to reload, allowing it to continuously spew fire on any unfortunate foes.

When in groups of two or more flame tanks can quite easily overrun and destroy the bases defenses and then can destroy additional structures on top of that. This makes an effective choice for rushing the enemy base, in what the multiplayer community calls a "flame rush".


The flame tank's main weakness is its projectile range, making it very easy to destroy on open field. Confront it with a Mammoth tank or a group of medium tanks and it would not last long.


  • The Renegade multiplayer community often refer to the flame tank as "Flamer" or "Ftank".



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