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The construction site was shut down for the night, but we heard rumbling. We thought maybe Jenkins was doing some late night maintenance, but then everything just... everything.... We were surrounded by fire, swirling around us, incinerating the equipment, burning people alive, engulfing the entire camp, and in the center of it was this black monster, this devil belching inferno everywhere... I was sure I was in hell.
- Henry Liu, TCN Construction Worker, Sole Survivor

The AT-6 Flame Tank[1] is a fourth generation flame tank that came into service by the Fourth Tiberium War. It continues the long tradition of Nod's use of flame based weapons to demoralize and incinerate their enemies.


GDI has always had reservations about the questionable and "inhumane" use of flamethrowers in combat, but the Brotherhood of Nod has held no such compunctions. The "Devil's Tongue" Flame Tank is rightfully feared for its ability to immolate entire infantry divisions and raze complete structures in a matter of seconds. GDI's inability to provide cost-effective infantry protection against flame weapons has made the vehicle a key weapon in Nod's arsenal for nearly a century, and, despite some minor tweaks, the Flame Tank has remained largely unchanged throughout.

In 2064, the balance of power shifted with the introduction of GDI's new line of Zone Armor, providing excellent flame protection, among other things, and economical enough to be standard issue for every GDI soldier. This posed a problem for the Separatist forces, which relied on the TWIII Flame Tank for its "shock and awe" campaign against the Tiberium Control Network. With the older model increasingly ineffective against Zone Infantry and easily destroyed by opposing GDI tanks, the Separatists began modifying the Flame Tank to handle these new developments; they reworked the chemical cocktail used in the flamethrower to support anti-structural attacks and added additional armor plating for better survivability.

These Separatist Flame Tanks blazed a path of destruction through the yellow zones, razing TCN construction sites until their rampage was finally checked by GDI's hastily assembled Hunter Tank. Kane's commanders, who had advised that the Flame Tank's time had passed and advocated its decommission, were embarrassed by the successful revitalization of the vehicle by the Separatists, and were ordered to design a new Flame Tank based on the Separatist model.

Introduced in 2066, Nod's new Flame Tank follows closely in the steps of its Separatist brother, equipped with more powerful, albeit slower firing, flamethrowers, and carrying more armor than its previous three incarnations combined. Although its official role is to "defend" the TCN, Nod Flame Tanks were designed with a single purpose in mind - to find enemy bases and raze them to the ground.


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The Flame Tank is Nod's Tier 2 Blast unit for the Offense Class, and is capable of leveling structures with brutal efficiency. When two or more Flame Tanks are used, they can engulf an area with flames, creating a firestorm. They explode upon being destroyed, damaging all units around them, friend or foe. They cannot target air units, and are almost literally melee units, due to their very short range. They are best suited against Reinforced armor (i.e. advanced structures), but they can also be highly dangerous to infantry units.

A blue Tiberium Core improves their damage capability and upgrades the flamethrowers for more firepower.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses its ability to damage several units.


  • Power through flame!
  • I go!
  • This way!
  • Yes the True path.
  • Redemption will come!
  • Walk with me to death!
  • I stand above all!
  • I await your word!



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