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The flames will rise!
- Flame tank rolling out of the Nod War Factory

The flame tank was a Nod anti-infantry and anti-structure vehicle in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, Kane's Wrath.


Flame tanks are perfect for urban combat. You can build more from the war factory.
- Nod EVA(src)

A successor to the "Devil's Tongue" flame tank used in the Second Tiberium War, the new flame tank featured heavier armor, a turret that allows for easier targeting, and can stay in action for longer periods of time without refueling.[1] Its twin flamethrowers, which were based on the ones used by the original flame tank, were devastating against all infantry and could clear out garrisoned buildings and burn down structures with ease. However, they were unable to penetrate the enclosed crew compartments of armored vehicles.[2][1] InOps advised GDI field commanders to engage flame tanks with armored vehicles or aircraft.[1]

Deployment history

The flame tank was first seen in 2034, used by the Black Hand under Brother Marcion.[3] The Black Hand also created an improved fuel for their flame tanks, greatly increasing their destructive power.

After the Black Hand rejoined the Brotherhood, the flame tank became part of the Brotherhood's arsenal as well.[4] During the Third Tiberium War, it was used to great effect during Nod's attack on Washington, D.C., when they proved invaluable at clearing GDI soldiers out of garrisoned buildings.

The Marked of Kane did not use the Flame Tank.


CNCKW Purifying Flame Cameo.png
Purifying Flame This special concoction of Tiberium-based fuel makes Flame Tanks even more dangerous (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at Black Hand Secret Shrine $3000 and takes 1:30 to research.

In-game unit

Look at the flames!
- Flame Tank pilot in combat

Flame Tanks are highly effective as anti-infantry and anti-structure units. They also do significant damage to lightly armored vehicles - enough to be efficient at countering them. They are among the faster heavy vehicles on the field, being able to quickly get within firing range of a target—which helps negate their disadvantage of having a less than average attack range. Their flamethrowers allow them to clear garrisoned structures, and are themselves quite sturdy. This, combined with their speed, makes them excellent at close-ranged urban combat.

If a group of flame tanks get into the core of a base, they will likely cause severe damage in a very short period of time. Groups of them attacking in tandem are effective at overwhelming base defenses, and can be deadly at ambushes and hit-and-run attacks if the Cloaking Field power is used on them.

The key disadvantage of the flame tank is its very high vulnerability to anti-armor fire from anti-tank base defense turrets and other vehicles. Rocket launcher-toting anti-tank infantry can do some damage to them, but not as noticeably or efficiently as cannon equipped units—such as main battle tanks, Tier-3 heavy units and Zone Troopers (who themselves, are vulnerable to the flamethrowers—but not as much as most other infantry).

In Kane's Wrath the Black Hand subfaction can upgrade Flame Tanks with Purifying Flame, which gives a tremendous boost to damage. Black Hand Flame Tanks also start at Veteran status, giving them actual values of 1104 (Grenade) damage per second along with a starting health of 4440. Black Hand Flame Tanks with Purifying Flame actually do 3136 (Grenade) damage per second - capable of incinerating undefended bases in seconds.

Flame tanks like the flame tanks of the past do splash damage.



When created

  • The flames will rise!

When selected

  • We must share this gift!
  • I see the glow!
  • Ashes will fall!
  • Everything is prepared!
  • We are ready!
  • Cleansing fire!
  • Flame tank!
  • The tides will not yield.
  • Guard the tank well!
  • None can stop us!

When moving

  • Steady now!
  • Take it slow!
  • When do we start?
  • We will wait!
  • Keep it safe!
  • The fuel hungers!

When orderred to attack

  • Enclose upon them!
  • No one escapes the heat!
  • There!
  • Ah, the wait has ended!
  • We must get closer!
  • Our enemies will be vanquished!

When attacking

  • Leave them in ashes!
  • Yes, it's time!
  • Release the glory!
  • To cinders!
  • Everything will burn!

When clearing a garrison

  • Burn 'em out!
  • It must be purified!
  • Purge them with flame!

In combat

  • Embrace your destiny!!
  • Yes! Yes!
  • Burn! Burn!
  • It's beautiful!
  • Look at the flames!
  • Feel the power of the heat!
  • Respect the flame!
  • Do not toy with the power of the flame!

When retreating

  • Deliver us!
  • Protect the fuel!


  • It resembles the old TWI Flame tank - the only difference is it can burn enemy infantry out of buildings, has heavier armour and a fully rotating turret.
  • The Purifying Flame-upgraded Flame Tank has a detail changed in its turret target acquisition, resulting in massively lowered damage-per-second while targeting structures. To get around this, force-fire on the ground near the target structure in order to receive the full bonus. The turret bug causes the actual damage increase from Purifying Flame to be approximately a 150% bonus instead of the projected 185% damage increase.


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