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Floating fortresses were massive mobile naval platforms created by the Empire of the Rising Sun.


Floating fortresses are the largest naval vessels in the Imperial arsenal, armed with powerful Wave-Force Triguns and equipped with advanced nautical locomotors created by Shirada Shipworks. These massive mobile islands are large enough to support entire armies, being equipped with numerous barracks and vehicle production facilities. A single one of these fortresses can enforce a naval blockade on an entire continent.


As you can see, it's not just our problem. The Soviets have also been blocked by these... naval monstrosities!
- Robert Bingham

When the Empire of the Rising declared war on both the Allies and the Soviets at the same time, one of the floating fortresses was deployed to the North Atlantic, blockading the entire Europe and paralyzing all naval traffics. Since both the Allies and the Soviets have been exhausted fighting eachother at this point, they were forced to sign a ceasefire treaty and cooperate with each other in order to defeat the Empire.

The two powers launched a joint attack on the fortress. Using an unarmed Salvage ship, they discovered the weaknesses of the seemingly invincible fortress from the wreckage of Imperial ships: its Wave-Force triguns were dependent on Radar boats for long range fire. A small team led by Tanya and Natasha managed to destroy the radar boats, disabling the guns and allowing MCVs to safely approach the floating fortress.

Despite heavy resistance from Imperial forces, the joint strike team managed to overload the two reactor cores of the floating fortress simultaneously, causing the fortress to violently explode.

EotRS logo.png The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

After a diversionary attack on Pearl Harbor, an Allied fleet attempted to strike at the Japanese mainland, and the only thing standing between them and Tokyo was the floating fortress Black Tortoise. Under the command of the Imperial Commander, the Black Tortoise successfully repelled the Allied invasion.

With Tokyo safe, Emperor Yoshiro decided to strike back at the Allies. He ordered the Imperial Commander to launch an attack on the city of Santa Monica from the Black Tortoise and capture the Allied propaganda machine in Los Angeles. During this mission, the Black Tortoise provided fire support with its powerful Wave-Force guns.


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