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Mission was... aborted. Foreman 371 ignored orders! They're traveling to Ichor Hub now!
- Supervisor, reporting 371's disobedience

Foreman 371 is the designation of Scrin operations leader during the Third Tiberium War. Like many of the invaders, little is known of 371. What information we do have is that the Foreman was the alien equivalent to a Commander. However, unlike its human counterparts, the Foreman's primary concern was directing Ichor harvesting operations. Its immediate superior was the Supervisor, who in turn reported to the Overlord.

To help in his missions, the Foreman had the alien equivalent of an EVA known as the 'Mothership', a Scrin artificial intelligence. This AI, however, was far more advanced and capable of independent thought to the point of disobeying the Supervisor orders to save the Foreman.

Foreman 371 is the player character in the Scrin campaign of Tiberium Wars.


After the Ion Cannon strike on Temple Prime, the Foreman and his Scrin fleet were awakened. Signaled by the Liquid Tiberium explosion, it was believed that Earth was ready to be harvested. However, the Foreman soon discovered that the planet's military threat was significant, as even before entering Earth's atmosphere, his fleet came under fire from the ion cannon. It was revealed that not only was the indigenous population capable of large-scale resistance, but that Ichor concentrations were far below expectations. Despite warnings from the Mothership, the Scrin superior Supervisor ordered to proceed with diversionary tactics against humanity. 371 destroyed London and Munich, relegating other attacks to the AI.


As human resistance stiffened, it became apparent that the Ichor detonation was not only premature, but a deliberate act of some actor on Earth. In accordance with the Supervisor's orders (and against the advice of his AI), 371's forces went to Croatia, on the edge of the blast zone. Despite large scale GDI and Nod resistance, 371 managed to capture Nod buildings containing evidence as to the perpetrator of the Ichor LQ detonation.


It was revealed by the Supervisor that Kane, the being who had caused the detonation, already existed in the Scrin's data core, but his genetic material was unknown even to the Scrin. The AI suggested an evacuation, as GDI had begun to destroy the Threshold Towers. If they succeeded, 371 would be trapped on Earth and die. However, the Supervisor ordered 371 to continue his investigation, additionally ordering 371 to "reformat your ship" when the AI disagreed. 371 and the entire harvesting operation was considered expendable. At that moment, the AI faked a communication failure and informed 371 that communications with the Supervisor were "lost"; and now, his sole priority was escape. 371 guarded Threshold Assembly 19 fiercely until completion; shortly thereafter he escaped aboard his Mothership.

Upon successful evacuation, 371's link with the Supervisor was restored. Communicating with the Overlord, the Supervisor accused 371 of disobedience, and held the foreman responsible for the failure of the mission. However, the Overlord's only response was "Prepare a full Invasion Force. Earth will fall."

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