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Let's give them our best shot, Commander. I'm right here at your side and I want to win this!
- Lissette to the Commander, at the beginning of the operation

Forever Sets the Sun is the seventh mission of the Allied campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. It is the final Allied operation against the Empire of the Rising Sun.[1]


After the battle at Mount Rushmore, the Allies were able to gather the momentum needed after Ackerman's death. His loyalist forces in the US were sent to trial while others were pardoned for merely following orders of their deceased President. Field Marshal Bingham showed some regret for the death of Ackerman, but said that it was the only option they had to stop Ackerman from crippling the alliance with the Soviets, as well as killing many good soldiers and civilians with his unreasonable desire to wipe the Soviets from the face of the Earth.

However, it was then that there was some good news for Bingham and the Allied Commander: Agent Tanya and her intelligence teams had determined that the heads of the Imperial High Command were meeting in Tokyo - all of them. This meant that with a decisive strike at Tokyo, the Allies and the Soviets could very well cripple the Empire of the Rising Sun in one fell stroke.

Pleased with this report, Bingham thanked Tanya for the intel and charged the Allied Commander with the mission, while he had Lt. Eva send word to the Soviets. As soon as that was done, Tanya looked at Eva as the British female intel officer congratulated the Allied Commander for the operation at Mount Rushmore in the US, giving a rather unhappy look at Eva and replied that she should stop flirting with the Commander, as they had a job to do. Eva replied to the Commander as soon as Tanya was out of earshot and video image that she was not flirting with him, but merely making conversation, thought she seemed to smile a lot more than before.

The Allied Commander had to admit that it was slightly amusing to see Eva and Tanya talk to one another, but placed that out of his mind for the time being, as he focused on the task at hand.

New additions

RA3 Athena Cannon Icons.png RA3 Chronosphere Icons.png


The Great Hold-off

Commander, please hurry. We need the path cleared so we can land our forces.
Commander, the forces of the Soviet Union has been delayed, but we are on our way. Soon you will have the full might of the Soviet Navy at your disposal.
Sorry for the delay, but circumstances are beyond our control, if you understand.
I apologize, Commander, but our forces are too far away to make it there in time. I'm sorry we cannot be of any help, but now the glory of victory belongs to you alone... If you are indeed victorious.

- Cherdenko and Krukov

In order to clear the path for the Soviet reinforcement, the Allies, led by their commander, held off many Imperial counterattacks. They also destroyed a blockade in front of the Shirada Docks to make way for a Soviet invasion. However, Krukov and Cherdenko ultimately betrays the Commander, saying that their forces cannot arrive in time and leaving the Allies to face the Imperial forces alone.

The Imperial counterattack waves are as follows:

  • Wave 1: Defender VX Turrets
  • Wave 2: Defender VX Turrets, Round 2
  • Wave 3: 2x Dojo Cores, 2x Mecha Bay Cores
  • Wave 4: full Imperial Navy: 2x Shogun-class Battleships, a battalion of Tsunami Tanks and squadrons of Sky Wings

Psionic Decimation

Looks like your friends have deserted you. Maybe they will see you've already lost.
- Tatsu, before launching the Psionic Decimator attack.

After Tatsu told the Allied Commander and his forces their Soviet co-belligerents deserted them, he unraveled and unleashed the Psionic Decimator with three of these installations to reduce the Allied invasion bases to nothing but psi-ravaged cinders. Fortunately, the Construction Yards and any unit far away from the bases managed to survive the Psionic Storm.

After the Decimator attack, two Chronospheres were constructed. Once one of the Allied Commanders teleported an MCV across the area to flank the Imperial defenses, they received more funds to rebuild and/or repair everything they had lost, making sure those who were eliminated did not die in vain.

Tokyo Obliteration

Give them your best shot, Commander. We won't get another chance like this again!
We should have never trusted the Reds to back us up at Tokyo.

- Robert Bingham and a spy during the operation after he knew about the Soviets.

Commander Lissette used the Chronosphere to warp her MCV across the harbor, along with several Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannon reinforcements.

Super Weapons

A forcefield, formed by the Nanoswarm Hive, protected the Superweapons and the Allies waited 30 seconds until the Nanoswarm Shield disperses. During the patient waiting for the right time to strike, Apollo Fighters protected the Century Bombers by fending off Jet Tengus, while Vindicators bomb the grounded Defender VX Turrets.

After holding off the Imperials, the Nanoswarm Shield protecting the Decimators dispersed, leaving those abominable psionic weapons vulnerable. The Allies take revenge by using four Century Bombers, escorted with Vindicators and Apollo Fighters, to level the three Decimators and the Nanoswarm Hive which almost annihilated the Allies and nearly squashed the invasion attempt. Bombs were seen falling from the sky, destroying the devices and leveling some King Oni guards as well.

Tenzai Robotics

Tenzai Robotics

Look at this place!

- Allied soldiers inspecting the aesthetics of Tenzai Robotics.

Located on an artificial island in the north-west of the Allied base was Tenzai Robotics, responsible for the Imperial vehicles - representing the latest in military robotics, and, if left unchecked, a grave threat to the Allied armor. This robot-manufacturing factory was alerted to the Allies' presence and thus manufactured a sizable robot army, namely Striker/Chopper VXs, Mecha/Jet Tengus - and even the monstrous King Onis - after them, in their bid to drive the invasion force off. The Assault Destroyers - and the Allied Commander's strategy - proved to possess more firepower than Tenzai Robotics can handle, even though some met their end by several King Onis.

Nagama Dojos

Nagama Dojos

The Nagama Dojos represented a threat to the Allied infantry. That facility was known for training and sending out Imperial infantry, namely Shinobi, Rocket Angels, Tankbusters, Imperial Warriors - and even the much-dreaded "Yuriko Omega" herself - to storm the Allies' invasion bases. The Peacekeepers fired their shotguns and took out as many Imperial troopers as possible, even if some meet their end by the Shinobi and "Yuriko" herself. In a matter of seconds, Tanya detonates the C4 in the Nagama Dojos, while the Javelins activated their special ability and rapid fired on the leftover Imperial vehicles.

Yuriko Omega put up an impressive fight - but she was captured by the Allied forces and sent to a prison camp in Guam. Now that she was there, the camp took care of her under the orders of Field Marshall Robert Bingham, not noticing her psychic powers could destroy it. During the Uprising (The Traceless Massacre), Yuriko escapes from the detention center and goes back to the Shiro Sanitarium.

Shirada Docks

Shirada Docks

The Shirada Docks was the last target. Naval warfare is a military department the Empire always exceled at, and their mighty Imperial Navy, manufactured by these ancient docks, proves it right. It sent the entire Imperial Navy after the Allies, but even the capital ships of the Imperial Navy: the Shogun Battleships were eventually shrunken down to size and finished off with Assault Destroyers. The Aircraft Carriers sent their Sky Knights to decimate the docks. What remained of the Imperial Navy tried to counterattack, but they ended up having the same fate as the rest of the fleet.

Land of the Setting Sun

Toyama High Command

You primitive gaijin! How dare you attack Tokyo?!
- Tatsu, upon arrival with his fleet.

In one final attempt to crush the Allied invasion force in their drive for Tokyo, the Empire's most powerful fleet, commanded by the forward-thinking militarist Prince himself, has arrived to defend Tokyo. An all-out naval battle ensured on the harbour but despite all their might and weaponry, the Imperial fleet - thanks to the Allied Commander and his Assault Destroyers - was reduced to a graveyard of Shogun Battleship wrecks. The Allied navy now truly ruled the seas once more.

With Tatsu now out of the way, the Allies unleashed the Chronosphere to warp their armies over in order to finish what remained of the Imperial armies and to stab at the heart of the Imperial military, more, specifically Toyama High Command HQ.

Once the Chronosphere warped in the armies of the Allied Commanders, the armies ripped apart the remains of the Imperial armies. Mirage and Guardian Tanks caused King Onis to collapse in burning wrecks, and Tsunami Tanks exploded one after the other. Jet Tengus and Chopper VXs got downed by Apollo Autocannons, and finally Athena Cannons used their long range lasers to bombard the Wave Force Towers, thus clearing the way for the armies to destroy Toyama High Command. After the destruction of the HQ, every surviving Imperial unit surrendered afterward, though some prefer death before dishonor, thus ending the Empire of the Rising Sun. Shinzo Nagama and Kenji Tenzai managed to escape but Naomi Shirada was assumed to have been killed as she is never seen or mentioned again.


A fateful day indeed for the Empire... though, perhaps, not the fate they had in mind.
- Bingham, in the aftermath of the operation.

The Allies had reduced Tatsu's supposedly invincible fleet to ruins and smashed Tokyo all the way down to no more than ruins of its past glory, it is without doubt that the war was all over for Japan. Let there be no doubt of the following fact:

The Rising Sun had set.

Soviet scientist Dr. Gregor Zelinsky defected to the Allies and informed Bingham about Cherdenko and Krukov's meddling with the timeline and thus bringing the Empire into existence, as well as their plans for revenge for Ackerman's attempt on destroying Moscow.

Now the Allies knew that the Soviets abandoned them in the first place. The Soviets used the Empire as a lure to distract the Allies, so they could attack the undefended Allied cities and leaving only the Allies and Soviets now, exactly like before the Empire even existed.


The first part of the mission is holding off the Imperial forces that attack the player’s base.

Attacking the Imperial Docks and the Defender VX turrets is a waste of resources and units as the Soviets won't show up at all.

Once the timer is up, sell all the structures (except the Construction Yard) and move all units away from the Allied bases, as the Psionic Decimators are about to destroy them. The Construction Yards will survive with 50% health.

Immediately rebuild the base with the money you got from selling the structures and order your co-commander to teleport her MCV to the area northeast of the Allied base with the Chronosphere you get.

Once the MCV is teleported across the harbor reinforcements with mirage tanks and athena cannons will arrive.

Use Spies to constantly steal money from the Imperials.

Start building 4 Century Bombers, 4 Vindicators and 4 Apollo Fighters and use them to bomb the superweapons before they cause more trouble.

Tatsu's fleet comprises 3 Shogun Battleships, a couple of Naginata Cruisers and a couple of Sea Wings. They are all Heroic so don't use naval units to sink that fleet. Instead, use Cryocopters to shrink them and Vindicators to bomb them or use the Chronosphere to teleport the ships to land.

Destroy the Nagama Dojos to stop Rocket Angels and Yuriko from threatening the Allied bases.

Destroy the Imperial Tenzai Robotics factories with air power, as the King Oni walkers will make short work of any land weapons and the Shirada Docks will produce more of the Empire’s superior ships to counter any naval attacks.

Again, destroy the Shirada docks with air power.

Finally destroy the Toyama Headquarters to end the mission.

Expect Final Squadrons (and, later, Balloon Bombs) to target the player’s forces and base, especially the Chronosphere.


Eva's instructions


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