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ZH Fortified Bunker Icons.png
Fortified Bunker
Generals Fortified Bunker.jpg
Affiliation C inf.png Shin Fai
Role Infantry bunker
Armament Firing port for ten infantry
Hit points 1000
Armor type Structure Armor Tough
Cost $700
Build time 0:08
Produced by Construction dozer
Requires Chinese barracks
Hotkey F
Sight range 200-300
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png
Neutron Mine
Power -1

The Fortified Bunker, developed by General Shin Fai, was an improved version of the standard Chinese Bunker. Its two main advantages over its predecessor were a 100% increase in troop capacity and a significant increase in armour protection. In addition, the Fortified Bunker came standard with surrounding land mines. All these improvements were made to the Fortified Bunker for a relatively low cost.

As with the regular Bunker, it was vulnerable to attack from long-range weaponry, especially the Neutron Shells from the Nuke Cannon

Completely filled with Tank Hunters, the Fortified Bunker was arguablly the most powerful anti-tank base defense in the game. When coupled with Gatling Cannons or Bunkers filled with Mini-Gunners, attacking infantry and airplanes (even General Granger's King Raptor) would be decimated and artillery missiles would be shot out of the sky, albeit only when employed en masse.


ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron Mine Replace the mines to the neutron mines around the building and harm infantry that pass through. Kill vehicles and tanks crew when pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500.


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