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The Foundry is a Scrin structure designed to aid the Drone Platform in the creation of structures. It serves the same purpose as GDI and Nod Cranes, adding additional tabs to the production menu. However, it is not equipped to produce Explorers, base defenses, the Rift Generator, or the Warp Chasm. These must always be produced by a Drone Platform. In addition, it is worth noting that the Foundary consumes power, whereas a platform would have produced an equal amount.

Scrin forces, having originally been intended to harvest Ichor, likely had intended for Foundries to quickly expand their harvesting operations. However, with the discovery that Earth was not among the 97% of planets where Ichor growth exterminated all life, the Scrin pressed Foundries into service creating new structures for military purposes, and also to speed the construction of Thresholds. However, most of this is conjectural analysis by InOps, as there are no surviving Scrin or Scrin facilities other than Threshold 19, which is impregnable.




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