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The Foundry was a Scrin secondary construction structure seen during the Third Tiberium War.


Similar to the Cranes used by GDI and Nod forces, the Foundry was used to aid the Drone platform in base construction. Like their human counterparts, the Foundry used nano-assemblers to construct buildings[1].

Structures built

Production structures

Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW Reactor Cameo.png Reactor none Power supply
CNCTW Extractor Cameo.png Extractor none Resource processor
CNCTW Portal Cameo.png Portal Reactor Infantry production
CNCTW Warp Sphere Cameo.png Warp Sphere Reactor
Vehicle production
CNCTW Nerve Center Cameo.png Nerve center Reactor
Technology enhancer
Support power provider
CNCTW Stasis Chamber Cameo.png Stasis chamber Portal Infantry support structure
CNCTW Technology Assembler Cameo.png Technology assembler Nerve center Technology building
CNCTW Gravity Stabilizer Cameo.png Gravity stabilizer Nerve center Aircraft construction and maintenance
CNCTW Signal Transmitter Cameo.png Signal transmitter Technology assembler Access advanced aircraft and abilities

Support structures

Icon Structures Requirements Role
CNCTW Growth Accelerator Cameo.png Growth accelerator Extractor Accelerate Tiberium growth
CNCKW Growth Stimulator Cameo.png Growth stimulator (Reaper-17 only) Extractor Accelerate Tiberium growth
Provides income

Game structure

As of Tiberium Wars patch 1.07, they can no longer build defensive structures.



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