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Four Corners is a twi-to-four player multiplayer skirmish map featured in both Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Game map[]

Four Corners is located in located in the real-life Four Corners region of the United States (specifically Mesa Verde). Being set in Mesa Verde, the map consists of a large and densely forested mesa (as it's name translates from Spanish to Green Table). Each spawn point is located in a corner of the map in pocketed areas of flat land. On the mesa, there are scattered farmhouses that make up the Pueblo Native American reservation located on the landmass. The entire reservation is spaced out and connected by a channel of dirt paths that lead to either additional garrisonable homes, oil derricks, or ore fields.



  • The dense forest areas are perfect for organizing ambushes (especially with Snipers and Mirage tanks)
  • Infantry units can easily hide in the woods to evade vehicles.
  • It is recommended to build a radar structure ASAP in order to detect units hiding on and around the plateau.
  • Try to secure and mine the center gem field as soon as a refinery is constructed and speed up the process with additional miners when possible.
  • Try to capture at least one oil derrick at the beginning of the match.


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