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- Rifleman squad
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The Foxhole is a support structure used by GDI in the Third Tiberium WarCreated by Rifleman Squads with sandbags and shovels, infantry units can enter and use it as a garrisonable structure.


It can hold two infantry squads of the player's choosing, though the Rifleman squad that dug it up will automatically enter it upon completion. It is treated identically to the common Civilian structure in that garrisoned infantry are protected from enemy fire, but are instantly killed by attacks from anti-garrison units, such as Nod Black Hand troopers, Scrin Buzzers and opposing GDI Grenadiers. Unlike normal base defenses, Foxholes cannot be repaired by anything except Steel Talon Mobile Repair Transports, and unlike regular garrisonable structures, troops will remain inside it until it is completely destroyed.



  • Provides additional protection for infantry units
  • Any non-Zone armored human infantry and Buzzers can garrison the foxhole
  • Can be placed practically anywhere
  • Can easily be deployed in large numbers due to its cheap cost ($100)
  • Unaffected by EMP attacks
  • Complement GDI Battle Bases; useful for creating forward installations for GDI players to stage attacks/retreats from


  • Falls quickly to anti-armor fire
  • Rifleman Squads are disarmed and vulnerable to enemy fire while constructing a Foxhole
  • Similar to civilian structures, garrisoned infantry are vulnerable to garrison-clearing weapons
  • Can only be repaired by Steel Talons Mobile Repair Transports when parked nearby (Kane's Wrath only)
  • Considered a neutral structure when ungarrisoned, and can in turn be garrisoned by enemy infantry

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