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- Rifleman squad

The Foxhole is a support structure used by GDI in the Third Tiberium WarCreated by rifleman squads with sandbags and shovels, infantry units can enter and use it like a garrisonable structure.

Game structure

It can hold two infantry squads (one in Tiberium Wars), though the rifleman squad that dug it up will automatically enter it upon completion. It is treated identically to the common Civilian structure in that garrisoned infantry are protected from enemy fire, but are instantly killed by attacks from anti-garrison units, such as Nod Black Hand troopers, Scrin buzzers and opposing GDI grenadiers. Unlike normal base defenses, Foxholes cannot be repaired by anything except Steel Talons Mobile Repair Transports, and unlike regular garrisonable structures, troops will remain inside it until it is completely destroyed.

In Tiberium Wars versions up to patch 1.04, Foxholes are built at the location the player chooses. As of patch 1.05 and in Kane's Wrath, they are built at the present location of the rifleman squad.


  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • cost/build time reduced to 100/5, now causes the riflemen squad to begin building a foxhole immediately at its location.
    • capacity increased to two units
    • foxholes no longer eject infantry units until the foxholes are destroyed

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